Showbox APK 4.92 Download | Latest Show Box APK 2017

You can download the latest ShowBox APK 4.92 file on this page for free. The ShowBox.APK file is official and legal to download. You can download ShowBox app on your android phone without any hassle.

We have tested this app on android 4.0 and You won’t get any pop-up while streaming movies. We have run a VIRUSTOTAL SECURITY REPORT and no virus, malware or spyware was found. Our team has found it 100% safe and legal.

Download ShowBox APK file by clicking the green button given below. Use the 4.92 file to get the latest features such as music streaming, though earlier versions like ShowBox 4.73, 4.72 are also working absolutely fine.

ShowBox allows you to watch latest TV Series, movies on your android phone without any hassle.

Update: ShowBox new version 4.92 has been released. The New Version is Compressed to ~39MB and can be downloaded from the link given below.

ShowBox APK File Details:

File type – .apk

Requires Android – 4.0 or above

File Size – 39.1 MB

Mods available – yes

ShowBox APK Download on your Android Phone?

The setup to get latest ShowBox apk installed is pretty easy. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download the latest ShowBox apk 2016 file from the link given below.
  2. Ensure that in your settings, installation of apps from “Unknown Sources” is enabled.
  3. Tap the file to run the setup and press Install.
  4. The app should be ready in a minute at most.
  5. You can now watch unlimited free movies and TV shows.

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Note: It is important to go through the permissions requested by an app before accepting them. Also remember to scan the file for malware before installing it on your device.

ShowBox APK Android : Older Versions

ShowBox 4.92 APK

ShowBox 4.91

ShowBox 4.81

ShowBox 4.80

ShowBox APK for android file has seen plenty of updates recently. The latest ShowBox apk is the 4.92 version. You can stream a movie in one go, previous version were playing it in part. The new version comes with music streaming as well.

ShowBox v4.71 and 4.72 saw several bug fixes. The buttons to play a content are now located in a more optimised manner, which makes sure your fingers don’t falter when playing your favorite free movies on the app.

ShowBox apk 4.91 also comes equipped with better management of links based on the servers on which they are hosted, modifications in the download facility and more.

Apart from these, there is also the ShowBox lite apk that can download and play your favorite movies and TV shows, without the needless ads and torrent links. The apk is also 20 MBs smaller in size.

Points to Remember:

    • Showbox apk for pc is not available here. You can refer to this article to download showbox on your pc.
    • This file works only for android phones. It will not work for iPhone, if you come across any site providing apk for iphone, kindly refrain from downloading as it may create problems.

    • Please beware of rogue apk versions on the internet masquerading as the real deal. They’re likely to contain malware which can interfere with your device’s normal working. Only download apk files from trustworthy sites, and always scan them before installing to make sure they are safe.
  • ShowBoxAPK is not available on Google Play Store but you can still install it on your android phone using the APK file given above. The Latest ShowBox APK version is Ad Free and Supports Free Music Streaming and download. We advice you to update your older version and install the latest version.

showbox apkshowbox apkHow to Stop ShowBox Pop-Up Ads on Android

Recently a problem occurred in the recent version where users will get a Ad Pop-Up after you unlock the phone. That bug has been fixed, this is how you fix it.

  • Click “Settings”.
  • Move to Security option.
  • Some phones might have Privacy option.
  • Go to  “Device Administration.”

security settings

  • Head over to device administrators and deactivate it.
  • Now, Uncheck  “Secure Sevice”option given in the list
  • After unchecking it, come back to home screen.

ShowBox not Working? Solution:

Some people have been complaining that their Official ShowBox. APK is not operating properly, with common issues reported including slow loading, empty screens and more. Here are some possible solutions:

showbox apk

  • If the movie doesn’t load, it could be because the movie you are using is a torrent link. Try choosing server 3 and then playing the movie via other player too, if only the first step doesn’t help. ShowBox lite could help too.
  • If the problem is with the app not loading links, then the movie might not have been uploaded as yet. Switch to a different selection of movies to find a list on movies more likely to be available to watch.
  • ShowBox for Android crashing too much? It is your phone’s memory! Clear the cache, delete unwanted apps, games, files, media and anything else, and then reboot. The app should work normally.
  •  Having trouble with too many intrusive ads? Finding it hard to access your phone with so many ads popping up even when ShowBox isn’t running? Chances are that you have downloaded a fake ShowBox apk, which likely contains a trojan or a similar malware. Disable the app’s Administrator privileges and uninstall it, and then scan the device with a competent antivirus to remove any bad programs or codes that might have made their way in. Then, use a proper apk file from a good website to install the app again, and it should run OK. You can also use ShowBox lite apk, or the recently released ShowBox Pro apk app, which do not have any ads to begin with.

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Luz Osborne - 9 months ago

Can you please send a direct showbox.apk link on my email id?

Darren Boyd - 9 months ago

Is showbox apk download available for all android handset?

    Admin - 8 months ago

    Yes, Darren. Any Android device with OS over 2.3 and sufficient free memory space can get ShowBox apk

Mary Prior - 9 months ago

Thanks admin. Just downloaded the show box apk latest version and it’s working absolutely fine.

Jose Washington - 9 months ago

Will the showboxapk for android work on my samsung phone having android version 4.1?

    Admin - 8 months ago

    It should, Jose. There’s no reason it shouldn’t.

jennifer - 8 months ago

I’m getting a connection error pop up, any ideas on how to fix it ?

Myles Paynter - 8 months ago

Where can I download show box all that doesn’t have malware?

Billy - 7 months ago

Every time I open show box and then I click on a movie, it says unfortunately show box has stopped
Working. It will not let me go into any movies..

    ShowBox - 7 months ago

    Hello Billy,

    Apologies for problem you have faced. Please uninstall the app and download the latest version and uncheck the “secure service” option in settings.

a - 7 months ago

app not working on android box – says connection error check your internet connection!

Brittany - 7 months ago

is there a way to download showbox onto a pc? preferably an HP laptop…..

J - 7 months ago

Does showbox run on IPhone?

Ramon - 7 months ago

I downloaded the app from one of the links above and still get pop ups. Is there any way to get a direct link?

    ShowBox - 7 months ago

    I have add the solution of it in the post. Kindly check it.

bilal nadeem - 6 months ago

In the next update could you put a search icon on the screen for clicking after typing because each time I type my keyboard is disabled n is stuck

Harsh - 6 months ago

Is the apk available on this site official cause the one I downloaded before was asking for administrative permissions and also lots and lots of app was popping up even when the app was not in use.


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