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Showbox is a streaming app to watch and download high-definition movies and TV shows for free online. It is extremely popular among the users, and has achieved the download count of 15 million already. The app has a library of more than 20000 movies and TV shows, and the collection is upgraded regularly for enhanced experience. Taking a cue from its massive popularity, we have compiled a detailed guide to downloading Showbox app for the Android devices.

Note: Showbox is not available on Google Play Store for downloads. You are required to download ShowBox apk for your Android device, whose process is enlisted below.

System Requirements to Install ShowBox

License: Freeware

Requirement: Android 4.0.1 or above

Additional Software Required: MXPlayer

File Size – 25MB

How to Download ShowBox App on Android in 6 Easy Steps.

  1. Go to Settings tab, click Security and enable the option of Unknown Sources.

           Settings >> Security >> Enable Unknown Sources

showbox app download

2) Download the official ShowBox APK file from this link.

showbox apk3) Now, select the version you want to download. Doing so, the download of the Showbox app will eventually get started in the browser.

4) Open the APK file and click install. This will start the installation of the app on your android phone.

showbox movies

5) When installation finishes, you will find the showbox app on the home screen of your android phone.


6) Open the app, and wait for the app to download the required files. That’s it, you can watch your favorite movies online now without any hassles.

At this point, you have successfully installed the app on your Android device. If you are still facing any issues, you can watch our video tutorial below.

Important Tip: Growbox is an APK that lets users access Showbox on Android via a third-party screencasting app – Allcast. If you opt for Growbox, you need to uninstall the MX Player and replace it with GrowBox. This will help you cast Showbox content on your device just like as that on MX Player.

Video Tutorial to Download ShowBox on Android Devices


Bold Design

With a peppy interface and minimalistic design, Showbox looks edgy in myriad ways, which is in tow with its use and function.

High Quality Prints

The easiest way to get access to the best resolutions in the industry. Find the quality  of 360p, 480p and HD prints above 720p in just a tap.


The developers have come up with a faster, lighter variant of the application, namely Showbox Pro. The app maintains a library of movies and TV shows, which is comparatively bigger and better. Moreover, there are no annoying pop ups and ads to interrupt your viewing. In totality, the app ensures a better movie experience.

Make Lists

Choose to mark movies as favorites, watched or otherwise, use them to filter out your search results and get your favorite movies in no time at all!

Showbox FAQs and Troubleshooting

There is hardly an app as good as Show box to watch your favorite movies and TV shows for free. Having said that, we have faced some issues with the app sometimes, which command attention. Many users have pointed at these issues, which have been discussed below. This section contains answers to the most commonly asked questions about the app.

  • The movie I’m trying to watch doesn’t run

Movies and TV shows on Showbox are hosted on more than one sources to ensure the content isn’t rendered unavailable in case any of the sources is overburdened. However, the problem arises when any source turns out to be a torrent link. It is important to note that torrents are banned in many countries, and carry penalties. The easiest fix is to either change servers on the movie’s page before hitting Play or Download, or use Showbox lite, a mod of the original.

  • Why is my video buffering so slow?

Buffering depends on two factors. The first is your internet speed, which can be altered by asking your ISP to upgrade your plan. The other reason is a clogged memory, which isn’t allowing your video to buffer sufficiently fast. To resolve this, clear the cache and free your device’s internal memory, since that is where the buffered data usually goes

  • ShowBox keeps crashing

Showbox is originally a pretty heavy app, at 40 MBs, even the lightest mod we’ve come across is a whole 20 MBs, so it needs space on your internal memory to run smoothly. Ordinarily, if the app crashes repeatedly, it indicates a clogged memory. Clear your cache, delete unwanted apps, files, videos, songs, pictures and other data, and then try again. The app should work normally.

  • There are simply too many ads for my taste

When you’re worried about ads, the easiest way to stop them is to install an ad blocker. The ads are essential for the app because they make the developer some money, which helps him find motivation to make the app better, iron out the wrinkles and introduce new features.

But, if ads bother you, install an ad blocker from the play store. Otherwise, get ShowBox Lite mod apk from the internet as a replacement to the original app. The lite mod is completely ad-free.

  • Ads keep intruding in the smartphone even when ShowBox app is not being used

Ads are not supposed to show up if you aren’t using ShowBox at the moment. If they are, you have installed a rogue file. Rogue files have been developed and uploaded to the internet by as yet unidentified people, and their links have been mistaken to be the original ones by unsuspecting bloggers and enthusiasts. If you find out your apk is a rogue one, Go to Settings of your phone via the home menu, enter Security and check Device Administrators. Revoke Administrator status on the app or any service that states to be allowing ads. Uninstall after that, and get a genuine apk file from trustworthy sources to install.

  • The Video isn’t downloading / There is no download button.

Showbox app download guide clearly tells us about downloading movies. Most movies have the download button right next to the Watch Now button. If the download doesn’t start even after waiting a while, change to a different server in the server menu on the page. Delete the previous tasks from the download manager built in on your Android or Blackberry, and try again with the new server. If you cannot find a download button, you may be required to install a video downloader app. We highly recommend Vidmate and ADM. Choose “Other Player” under the Players menu, and run the movie. You should be presented with a list of apps that can be used to play the content. Choose the downloader, and you can queue the movie to be downloaded by pressing just a single button. An added bonus is the faster speed of the downloaders as compared to the Android Download Manager.

  • How can I run showbox on my windows pc?

You can follow this step by step guide and easily download and install showbox for pc. 


Millions of movie enthusiasts in the United States are using Showbox to watch their favorite movies and shows online for free. The app comes as a great respite for those looking for great entertainment content that’s delivered at great speed. Recently, Showbox has added the full-fledged series of Games of Thrones and needless to say, users are extremely delighted at the addition. The collection is massive on Showbox. So, pick the movie of your choice and start streaming on the Showbox App (download details provided above).

Downloading Showbox on Android is really easy. We hope, this guide has cleared all your doubts, once and for all.

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latonya - 3 years ago

Have trouble down showbox

adam - 3 years ago

Hi, im not getting dolby digital from the movies on showbox. Can they be streamed with the dolby codecs on place in future please. Love the app but the only thing that lets it down is this.
Thank you.

    Admin - a couple of years ago

    Hey Adam. Thanks for commenting. There have been some updates to the interface. Retry getting Dolby Digital audio, and hopefully there’ll be no problems now

michael - a couple of years ago

Thanks you I like this app

    ShowBox - last year

    glad you like the app. Have a nice movie experience.

michael - a couple of years ago

Thank you for the app

michael - a couple of years ago

I like to which movies a lot

Raymond Brown - a couple of years ago

Every time I try to watch my favorite t.v.show on my Alcatel onetouch the show freeze up for about five min then start back up for one min then freeze again how can I fix this

    Admin - a couple of years ago

    Hey Raymond.

    The problem could be because of a slow internet connection, which causes the device to disconnect from the server due to which it has to reload. If the connection you’re using is fine, try freeing up some memory, since a crowded device can leave insufficient space for the content to buffer. Hope this helps.

James - last year

Since the new update 4.81, The movie search no longer works.

IronJae - last year

Where is the download feature??

Tom - last year

Notify me of any new movies

Khalil - last year

I like the secret life of pets

Peter talbot - last year

Can’t wait to watch movies

Lesly - last year

I want to try this app

Danielle - last year

Can I download this on my Samsung curve?

Ronny - last year

I just watched 50 Shades Darker & noticed that the subtitles are in Japanese & the intimate scenes have been deleted. You need a different source.


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