Watching Showbox on Tv Without Chromecast: Is it Possible?

Thanks to the technological advancements, the 21st century has massive surprises in store. Apps are being invented daily on various fields, and Showbox is one such example, it has really changed the way we watch and enjoy our favorite shows and movies. This is possible with the development of Showbox, an app tailored for both iPhone and android operating systems. The application is capable of meeting every user’s entertainment needs all you need to do is just a click away. Showbox app possess exquisite streaming features that include:

  • An easy to use interface
  • It needs no subscription unlike other apps it is free to use
  • A dedicated team of officials that restlessly keeps the Showbox list up to date for you enabling you to catch up with your favorite shows and movie series episodes. Isn’t this mind blowing?

These you can’t enjoy unless you download the show box app to your compatible device.

Watching Showbox on Tv Without Chromecast

How to download?

Show box app is currently not available on Google’s play store, but don’t be so disappointed!  You can side load the app Apk file from third party genuine sources online.

On your device, go to settings and check on the box “allow installation from unknown sources.

Go back to downloads folder, select the downloaded Showbox Apk file, run it and it will be installed.

For you to watch your favorite files on a much bigger screen you will need to stream from your device .to achieve this you will require a casting tool .chrome cast is the widely used. But can you watch Showbox without chrome cast? Oh yes you can through other available casting tools. This is how to do it:

Now that you have downloaded the streaming app next is to download and install a casting app.

Open Showbox all cast app to be in a position to select the desired file to watch on your television. Ensure your Xbox or Apple TV device is connected .this you can do from your comfort zone by clicking “player” option then select ‘’other player” – an android app designed for Showbox to allow for casting apps  for show box- in the options .the other player serves as an external player on Showbox whenever installed in smartphone….

Click on “Watch Now” option on the show box app .a couple of apps will pop up in a list form on which you will choose all cast app

Choose your preferred casting device could be Xbox One, AppleTV, Roku 3, Office TV, Fire TV or Den TV Stick

Select any of these and start watching Showboxon your screen.

The two most frequently opted for casting devices:

Apple TV

Apple TV

A standalone small puck shaped streamer that possess its very own plug in power supply and processor can hook up to HDMI, it can pull from Huluand Netflix on its own making it a most ideal casting device.

Apple TV uses airplay protocol to cast files from any device that supports airplay. The support of Apple TV need not be baked into the app as the inbuilt airplay is at system level. Close to all apple apps hardware that can display files can be air played on TV.

Sadly there is a limitation with android operating system as it not readily compatible with the Apple TV unless one roots their android devices using advanced hack techniques which might as well lead to android system failure if not done well.



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Xbox one is a casting device that can be customized to your own preference. You are limited to a phone device that has DNLA playback capabilities to be able to use Xbox one. All you have to do is start the Xbox movie on your phone, select a previously stored file in your phone. Swipe from the right to your left of the screen and then select the Devices option.

Select “play” and turn on your console .this can be selected from your devices list

Enjoy your Showbox without Chrome cast.


With downloaded and installed Showbox app you are assured to catch up with your favorite high dimension movies from your comfort zone. With the dedicated officials updating the Showbox library constantly you will be up to date with the latest added episodes for free. You can catch up with the ones you missed out on due to a tight schedule. Isn’t this amazing?

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