Want To Have A Good Laugh? Catch Up On The Best Comedies On Showbox

Are you looking for something fun to watch? You are in luck as ShowBox has a variety of entertaining comedies that you and your family can enjoy

1. The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory


Learn Physics and laugh while doing it by watching this fantastic comedy.The Big Bang theory starts off as a story that centers around 2 young men who are roommates and Physicists at Caltech. Though they are very familiar with the world of Science, fantasy films and games, they have challenges understanding and participation in the day to day activities undertaken by normal people.

A beautiful young waitress moves in next door and their world changes forever.

2. Jane the Virgin

This show will leave you in stitches!

A young lady, Jane is artificially inseminated during a normal check-up. This was a mix up of course, but it severely complicates her life as she is a still virgin when she is falls pregnant.

Her meticulously planned life is falling apart but you won’t help but laugh.

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3. Black-ish

Is a show that follows the life of a black family living in a predominantly white neighborhood.The head of the family, is constantly questioning whether his huge success in life has led to excessive cultural assimilation of his children hence their perceived lack of black identity and pride

4. Mom


Mom stars Kristie who is a single mother of 2 and recovering alcoholic. Her mother Bonnie Plunket also a covering alcoholic swoops back into her life after abandoning her for years.They present a dysfunctional relationship which is funny to watch play out.

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5. 2 Broke Girls

A former billionaire who lost her fortune and another lady other grew up poor and with no parents become the best friends and business partners. Their unique perspectives on life turn out to be their greatest asset. The show highlights the challenges they deal with trying to start their cupcake business.

6. Girls

When aspiring writer Hannah is invited by her parents to dinner, the last thing she expected was their announcement to permanently cease supporting her financially. This leave her struggling through her twenties “One mistake at a time” along with her group of 5 girlfriends.

7. Insecure


When you think of black African American women, Strong and Confident comes to mind.Right?

Not when it comes to Molly and Issa. They have their own personal insecurities and struggle with day to day experiences faced by women of colour.

8. Crashing

Pete finds himself in New York having pursuing a career in stand-up comedy after his marriage came to an unprecedented end. He always dreamt of becoming a comedian against his wife, Jessica’s wishes. After he finds her in an uncompromising position with another man,he is forced to re-evaluate his life.

9. Making History

If you could turn back the hands of time, what would you change?

Dave was your everyday college facility coordinator until he discovered time travel. He was then able to reinvent himself by claiming famous quotes and sayings as his own. He transports back himself back to the 18th century to spend more time with his girlfriend, Deborah. In doing so, he was altering historical events leading up to the American Revolution.

A large price to pay to be cool, right?

10. No Tomorrow

No Tomorrow

Evie’s life is organized just as she likes it. But with her relationship failing and her career stalled she feels like she needs a change. Xavier, handsome and exciting man waltzes into her life. He is perfect except for the fact that he believes that the human race will be eradicated by a giant asteroid in a matter of months. She then struggles in deciding whether he is crazy and if it matters if he is.

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