TVTorrents Closed Down


Copyright restrictions, as no less than a demonic spell, has coerced many streaming channels into closing down their operations very abruptly. One amongst them was, which had been the mainstay of entertainment for millions of users across the globe.

The website, on the day of its closure, mentioned as to how the ‘recent events’ had compelled it to shut down its doors for the users. And, also thanked its lovers for all the support throughout these years of its run.

Interestingly, it took a sly dig on the haters as well, telling them to target something else hereafter.

The homepage read:

“Due to recent events the site will not be coming back.

Thanks for all the support and good times throughout the years.

For all the haters, go hate on something else or get a life.”


TVTorrent found itself in a glut of copyright and piracy infringements, and sadly, failed to rise above it. This is what we surmise, as the website hadn’t revealed any reason behind this surprise move during the time of its closure. However, in the run-up to its shutdown, it encountered several outages, which were described as hosting problems and technical snags for its community at large.


TVTorrent was launched on the scene in 2003, and soon became the most-loved channel for entertainment enthusiasts.


As saddening as it might seem, is closed to never return back, and the users (read loyalists) are still trying to find peace with the decision. Understandably, they are trying to dig out some good channels for streaming after TVTorrent, which not only provide quality content, but also have no or little chances to meet the same fate as the latter.