Top 5 Movies You Can Watch on ShowBox (July 2016)

ShowBox carries stellar content you can enjoy, and you have plenty of fresh stuff to watch every week.This past month too, the app has been updated with more content, and you’re going to be thrilled to read about the best movies you can watch on the app. Read the following list to see the 5 best movies added to ShowBox. Don’t forget to download the latest ShowBox APK 4.66 to enjoy the movies.

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  1. Barbershop the next cut

    Barbershop is a hilarious comedy set in Chicago. It follows the battle of the sexes as times get hard. As the men and women come together to the salon to get groomed. As crime rises, in response to economic hardships, safety of the protagonist Calvin’s son becomes a concern. And so, Calvin and Angie and their friends must do what they can to reclaim their neighborhood from the gangs.

    The movie is a hoot, which received decent reviews from critics. Watch it for 112 minutes of hilarity.
  2. Mother’s Day

    I like Mother’s Day for its artsy and emotional appeal. The Drama/Comedy scurries through the lives of four people who find welcome relief in a Mother’s Day holiday. Bradley is a widower struggling to raise his two daughters. Miranda is a career woman who is too busy to take care of kids. Sandy is a tired single mom who must confront the reality of her ex husband marrying a younger woman. Jesse works hard to stay fit but hides her family from her parents. Mother’s day turns special as these stories play out in a length of 118 minutes. Read: Popular ShowBox Movies in 2016
  1. Me Before You

    Lou is a lady scuttling from one job after another to feed the family. Will is a rich man who happens to be paralysed. Will’s cynicism with life and Lou’s happy-go-lucky attitude both undergo much change as Lou lands the job of Will’s caregiver. The Romantic Drama is going to make you smile as well as let out a tear or two. The movie received a mixed response, with an average IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes score. But it is definitely worth a watch.
  2. Warcraft: The Beginning

    Warcraft makes a pretty decent watch for the fans of the game. The names and terminology might be tough to follow along. Gul’dan, the orc shaman opens a portal using dark magic to lead a horde of orcs to Azeroth. King Llane must fight the horde and their leader Blackhand, along with his trusty warrior friend Lothar with the help of the Guardian, wizard Medihv. As dark magic takes hold of the world of Azeroth, it relies on personal strength of these men to banish the evil from their land and save themselves. This movie is a treat for geeks. A little over 2 hours, this movie is the ideal weekend watch.
  3. Nymphomaniac Vol I

    Nymphomaniac is a movie that causes understandable conflict in the audience’s mind. The movie follows the story of Joe and her sexual encounters, not all of which are pleasant. Joe narrates these experiences to Seligman, a middle aged bachelor who finds her beaten up lying near his apartment and helps her out. Joe’s escapades follow the taut line between sex and rape, as she forces herself on a man to win a bet, loses her virginity to an elder man and straddles to understand and decry society’s fixation with love. The feminist overtones are evident, though the overall appeal of the movie is not restricted to the academica.

There are many more movies you’re sure to like, like the “Secret life of pets”. Which ones do you like? Do let us know in the comments below.

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