How to Stream ShowBox of PS4


Spoiler alert, you can’t! PS4 is just another outdated console, a fad that has fizzled out in merely 3 years. The pretty substantial investment hasn’t really paid off for a lot of people who aren’t really all that into gaming, so it is pretty understandable that they want it to be useful in the latest entertainment craze, which is using Android apps on the big screen.

Showbox for Ps4

What to do with your PS4?

Like all gaming consoles, if you aren’t playing video games on it, you should probably just gather yourself to throw it away, in my opinion. XBox One can reportedly play ShowBox app, thanks to the DLNA Rendering/Receiving faculties it boasts. There’s no good coming out of keeping a useless black block under your TV. You may fight me over it, but there are better devices out there that you can buy, like an Android Box, an Amazon Fire TV Stick or a simple Chromecast HDMI device.

How to Stream ShowBox without PS4?

ShowBox can be streamed on your TV, just not with PS4. You might have to spend about 30 to 40 dollars for it, but you definitely get your money’s worth.

Use a Chromecast

Shell out under $40, and you can score a nice Chromecast dongle that you can just plug into your ordinary TV and give it state of the art screen casting features. You can install an app like GrowBox in place of MX Player (the latter doesn’t support Chromecast for ShowBox, for some reason), go to tools in the menu once the content has started playing, and cast it using a casting app of your choice. It’s really easy.

Plug in an Android Box

An Android Box comes for pretty cheap too and converts your TV into an Android device. Install ShowBox app over this Android interface, and watch any number of movies online. Plus, you can even download them into an external storage for later, and the process is identical with using the app on Android Smartphones.

There’s more ways to use ShowBox on a TV screen and enjoy free entertainment for hours. Unfortunately, PS4 won’t be able to help you out. How lucky that we don’t need it!

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