ShowBox for PC without BlueStacks


The amazing ShowBox app has been bringing more and more entertainment to Android smartphones  with each passing week. There are thousands of free movies you can enjoy, along with TV shows, documentaries, news, gossip and more.

showbox pc without bluestack

Windows PC users have been enjoying the app on their devices using Android emulators, the most popular of which is BlueStacks. But there are also ShowBox fans who aren’t too fond of BlueStacks. It could be that BlueStacks doesn’t run properly for them, or that the interface is not polished enough in their evaluation.

There are more options to take recourse to, thankfully. There are other emulators you can use to play ShowBox app and watch all the movies you want right when you want to. Here are some of them

Alternative emulators to run ShowBox on PC without BlueStacks.

  1. Andyroid

    Andyroid is the chief competitor BlueStacks has in the market. This becomes apparent when you try out the app. The interface is exactly like how an Android smartphone looks, and so is the functioning. The wallpapers are better than Android, in fact. Installation of Andy on Windows PCs and Mac is identical to Bluestacks, and so is the installation of apk files onto the application. Andyroid is free to download and use, and is available on its official site.

    Star Highlight: The graphic interface and the speed. The emulator feels a lot more polished.

  2. ARC Welder

    ARC Welder is another cool way to run ShowBox on your PC without using BlueStacks. ARC Welder is really less of an Emulator and more of a Chrome extension. Install it from the Apps section of your Chrome web browser and run it. The apk file is easier to load on the app.

    Star Highlight: You get to use ShowBox as a tab on Chrome. This makes it easier to multitask; you could look up the synopsis and artists of the movie before playing it for a much more wholesome experience.


  3. Manymo

    For people who aren’t too fond of downloaded emulators, Manymo is the way. This completely online Android Emulator only requires you to upload the apk file you want to try out, and you can play it as you please. Manymo lets you choose from multiple resolutions it can play Android in, which lets you access  your favorite apps in a device resolution you most admire. The app is primarily a developer resource, but can also be used by lay Android app aficionados. It has subscription plans you can pay for as per your capacity and need.

    Star Highlight: Multiple resolutions, easy apk upload, no need to download anything. Manymo gets you value for money.

You should be able to run Showbox for PC without using BlueStacks by substituting it by one of these other emulators. All three of the options we have listed are popular and well reviewed by the online community, so you can trust them with your eyes closed. Is there another way you know that can be used to run ShowBox for PC without Bluestacks emulator? If so, tell us about them in the comments below.

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