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ShowBox and Chromebooks might seem mutually incompatible, but they’re not. Chromebooks come in varied configurations and can be used differently. If you’re looking to use ShowBox on your Chromebook, the methods for Windows and Mac, ie most Android emulators will not work for you. To find out what will, read below.

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What to use, if not Android Emulators?

Android Emulators are not the only way of running Android apps on non-Android devices. There are several other ways to go about it. The most popular method of these is using a Chrome extension called ARC Welder. Then, there are ways to access the app like through online emulators like Genymotion or Manymo. All these methods are frequently used by people around the world and have been reviewed extensively by the online community

Want to know how to use ShowBox on your Chromebook? Read on!

How to use ShowBox for Chromebook?

  1. Using ARC Welder

    ARC Welder is a great way to play any Android app you want to access, not just ShowBox. It runs as a Chrome extension and can basically turn your web browser into an app launch pad.

    Go to Chrome Browser and proceed to the Apps library. Look for ARC Welder extention and install it. The setup is next. You need to choose a destination for your data, and that will be where your app data is stored. It is best to not use that particular folder for any other purpose. Once done, download ShowBox apk, install it over ARC Welder, and you’re good to go!

    You can now play your favorite movies through ShowBox app on your Chromebook’s web browser. The app is available among the extensions. Simply run the extension and ShowBox should open in a new tab. If you encounter a problem, you can close the tab and relaunch ShowBox in another. How simple!

  2. Using Manymo Emulator

    If the problem you encounter is that BlueStacks and Andy cannot be made to install over Chromebook’s OS, use an emulator that doesn’t need to be downloaded! I’m talking about online emulators like Genymotion and Manymo.

    Simply visit the sites of these emulators. Sign up for a plan if you don’t have one already. There are tons of options available as per your need and budget. Choose a resolution you favor and upload your ShowBox apk file (download here it if you haven’t already).

    The moment you press Launch, the app should open just like on an Android device and you will be able to enjoy a seamless experience watching movies and shows you like.

    Manymo might seem expensive especially since we’re so used to the idea of free emulators. But the amount on money you save on free entertainment 24*7 more than pays for the minor costs involved for the Manymo subscription. If you’re a movie buff, the money is worth it!

It’s easy to convert your Chromebook into a movie theater using ShowBox app. So what if you cannot use run of the mill emulators for it? With so many amazing options available, you’re never going to be bored again!

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