How to Run Showbox on Mac – Step by Step Procedure


Downloading ShowBox Apk on Android OS is really very convenient, but operating systems like Windows and iOS rarely support Android based applications (due to them being in Apk formats). We have received quite a few queries regarding its downloading procedure on Mac and other Apple devices, and so here is an article to help you through it.

andy emmulator

ShowBox can be installed on Mac OS only through an emulator. Today, in this article we’ll be discussing the procedure to download and install ShowBox on your Mac operating system, step-by-step. We’ll be looking at two different procedures and you may choose the procedures that suits you the best.

#Method 1 – Using Andy emulator


Step 1 – First off, download and install Andy emulator on your Mac.

Install Andy Emulator


Step 2 – Now download ShowBox apk directly from the web browser or if you have the application already downloaded on your smartphone – transfer the apk file to your laptop.


Step 3 – Locate the place where you Showbox file is downloaded or transferred. Right-click on the filename and open it with Andy emulator. This will enable the installation process.


Step 4 – Now open the Andy emulator and click on “menu” at the bottom of the screen.


Step 5 – Open the ShowBox apk icon, and now you can launch the app on your Mac and enjoy endless entertainment.

showbox on andy emmulator

#Method 2 – Using ARC Welder


Step 1 – Download and install Google Chrome browser on your Mac. If you already have Chrome on your PC, please ignore.


Step 2 – From the Chrome Web Store, download ARC Welder Chrome Extension.


Step 3 – Now click the “Add to Chrome” option


ARC Welder Chrome Extension


Step 4 – A pop-up menu will open on the screen, click on “Add app”.


Step 5 – Once this step is completed, open a new tab and type “/Chrome://apps/”. This will show you the applications you have downloaded from the Chrome Web Store.


Step 6 – Search for “ARC Welder” and open the application. From the pop-up menu, click on “Choose” option available at the bottom of the message.


Step 7 – Now choose a directory for ARC Welder. This will help you to store the data of ShowBox apk.

Arc Welder

Step 8 – Finally, download ShowBox apk file on your Laptop.


Step 9 – After downloading the apk file, click on the “Add apk” button in ARC Welder. Select ShowBox application.


Step 10 – Once the app is added, click on “test” button for testing the application.


Step 11 – You shouldn’t be facing any problem in launching the application, yet if it shows “connection error” please check your internet connection and speed.

These were the two most reliable methods to download and install ShowBox on your PC or Mac laptop. ShowBox is one of the best Movie and TV Streaming Application for Android, and now for iOS. With ShowBox on your Laptop you can always stream or download movies, latest loaded episodes, entertainment news, and enjoy unlimited songs.

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