How to Play ShowBox app for XBox one and XBox 360?


XBox are the perfect TV accessory. If you think they’re only good for playing games of, you’re wrong. Of the many things they can be used in addition to playing games, the most fascinating is watching movies for free. Just imagine if you could watch free movies and TV shows right on your TV with just the xBox, the cable or DTH connection you use will be perfectly obsolete!

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How to use XBox One and XBox 360 to play free movies using ShowBox app?

XBox One and XBox 360 are amazing consoles to add to your PC. But these machines can also connect your TV to your Android smartphone like a Chromecast dongle would. This forms the crux of how we’re going to get our XBox devices to stream movies for free via ShowBox APK.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Install required apps.
    You need an Android device with a casting app like AllCast or LocalCast installed on it, and download ShowBox app over it. Also download GrowBox app and remove MX Player if you have it installed. Don;t worry; GrowBox is identical to MX Player but it trumps the latter by allowing casting feature.
  • Connect your XBox
    Plug in the XBox device to the TV, and then connect it to your WiFi Network.
  • Choose a movie to stream.
    Launch ShowBox app on your Android device. Choose a movie you want to watch. Play it on the device.
  • Cast the screen.
    Go to the parentheses in the top right corner of the GrowBox app when content starts playing. Go to Tools and choose Cast. Choose the casting app in the list that pops up, and connect your Android to the XBox following the instructions prompted by the app.


The movie you want to watch should begin playing without any glitch on your TV screen. The Android device in your hand can act as a remote. Isn’t that perfect?

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IF you’re not a fan of this method, an alternative could be downloading a movie via ShowBox, transferring it to a PC or a hard drive and playing it on the TV. You can also choose to get an Amazon Fire TV Stick to play the app. Getting an Android Box can help you access the ShowBox app right on your TV screen, so you can enjoy all the best movies and TV shows in the most detailed print qualities.

Hopefully, this helps you get the most out of your XBox device. Have queries? Leave them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you.

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