Moviebox App – An Alternative to Showbox

In all good spirits, we would like to modify Apple’s tagline to “If you don’t have an iPhone, it is better, because only then can you have Showbox”. Yes, Apple might offer a better phone, but what is a better phone without access to movies and TV shows that have caught of our imagination more than anything else?

It is a sorry fact that Showbox is not available on the App Store, just like many other applications that have succumbed under the weight of Apple. But is that a reason to be dejected? Not at all!

Movie box - showbox alternative

Cutting short the rhetoric, we would like to introduce you to an alternative to the Showbox for the apple users, the Movie box app. If Showbox had the best collection of movies, call Moviebox its twin brother. If Showbox allowed uninterrupted streaming and downloading of TV shows, then Moviebox does exactly that with a little more accuracy and speed. If Showbox was loaded with an uber cool interface, swipe left in the Moviebox and surprise yourself with a navigation bar that has the smart links to all functionalities you can think of. With this out and out comparison, we only wish to prove that when it comes to free movie streaming with breath taking graphics and sound quality, both Showbox and Moviebox are pioneers.

Yes, the developers at Moviebox have worked as hard as possible to make the dream of Showbox for Apple users a reality. Moviebox is your ultimate source for an infinite number of movies and latest TV shows that you can enjoy without holding yourself back on your iPhone.

We would agree that we can find a lot of streaming services online, but the fact of the matter is that all those services are rigged when it comes to speed. Also, it very rarely that you will find a website that not only streams your favourite movie in a HD quality, but also allows you to download the movie so that you can see it again with your friends later. So, all that effort that you spend looking for that needle in the haystack of useless websites and still no option of downloading? That is one bad deal.

Movie Streaming like never before – Moviebox app

Try downloading a movie on Moviebox and let yourself be in awe of the spectacular print and the ethereal sound quality. The downloading speed is sure to surprise you in a good way, so is the laidback interface. No overbearing buttons or controls; just a simple yet super-effective interface that the developers have designed keeping in mind the ease of movie viewing.

TV Shows at your doorstep!

Moviebox is the paradise for all TV series lovers who desperately wait for days, striking their calendars out, as to when the next episode of their favourite show will be released. As soon as the episode is out, the backend team of Moviebox gets it for you in the blink of an eye.

Quit whining about the movie halls blowing a hole in your packets and TV series not being available on the internet. Because, once you switch to Movie box app, all your movie related woes are gonna be history.

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