The Latest ShowBox Bug and How to Fix it


Ok so to be honest, this isn’t a bug as pervasive and crippling as, say the shutdown of PlayBox HD about a year ago. But for those affected by it, it is debilitating and you cannot watch your free movies and TV shows on the app, no matter how you try to modify the app’s settings.

What is this ShowBox issue?

So far, there have been relatively few people who I’ve seen being affected by the problem. I am also told that this is not something new, and that users have in the past faced the issue and had to delete several apps of the genre that did not function, including MegaBox, CartoonHD, CinemaBox and Play View, among others. Apps like Terrarium TV have been immune to this, though.

Normally, the videos that you watch on ShowBox are redirected. In a zeal to cut down the terrible crime of piracy, ISPs at some places have been blocking out redirector.googlevideo and some related URLs to disable inappropriate video streaming. But this also restricts public domain movies at times, and it has bothered a few ShowBox users.

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Is there a way out?

Fortunately, there is a way to get your videos to run easily. Since this is a problem based on ISPs, you can fix it by downloading the movies or TV shows you want to watch of a different ISP, like at work or at the gym. But if that’s not feasible for you, the obvious answer is to use something like a VPN.

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The problem with most VPNs is their complicated settings and methodology. Additionally, for most people with lower end Android devices, a large enough memory to accommodate a VPN with their favorite apps might be hard to find. So additionally, let me recommend that you try this out of your PC. VPNs for Windows PC and Mac are easily available of the internet. We recommend services like Hola or OpenVPN.

Getting the VPN

  • Visit the website of the VPN you want to use. Download the software. Most good VPNs I have come across are freeware or have a free trial period.
  • Run the downloaded file to setup the application.
  • Fill in your details if required.

The VPN should now allow you to change your IP. Some also allow you to choose where you want your IP to show up from. Once you have done that, proceed to the next steps below.

Playing ShowBox via VPN

  • Enter your Android Emulator of your Windows PC or Mac. If you are of your Android device, this is not needed.
  • Launch ShowBox app on the device.
  • Choose a movie you want to play and tap it to open its page.
  • Choose a resolution, a player and server if necessary and tap “Watch Now”.
  • The movie should load normally, though it could take some time depending upon what IP you entered.
  • If the movie still doesn’t work, try it out on different IPs. The content should play in no time.

Hopefully, this resolves the problem for most on you facing the issue. Do let us know if you have any queries.

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