Is Showbox Safe To Use?


As of lately, there has been a massive rise of online video streaming applications for mobile and PC platforms. Showbox is one among these online streaming application which allows streaming of movies, music videos, TV shows and live sporting events without taking any money from its users. On top of it, it also allows its users to download the streams in high definition to store them on their storage devices.

showbox safe or not

Showbox is basically a hosting app which has a server of its own to provide streaming facility to its users. It is unfortunately unavailable on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. However, various third party websites contain package installers for the users to download and install the Showbox app. Once, installed, the user enters an eye-catching user interface with various filters to browse from.

Is it safe to download and use?

Despite its great features, a lot of people are skeptical about downloading and using the Showbox app on their devices. This is due to the fact that the app isn’t officially available on any of the official app stores. It is a given that any app which isn’t officially available on its platform, it is likely to be a spammed one with viruses. However, such is not the case with the Showbox app.

Readers with such doubts over the Showbox app should keep in mind that the app is completely safe to use. Once ran, the app directly connects to the Showbox servers without any interruptions by third party servers. Then, the user is allowed to safely stream and download videos staying within the Showbox servers. This also provides users the benefit of downloading the app’s APK file from any website which contains it.

Is Showbox safe to download videos?

A lot of users have been throwing out queries asking whether the download feature provided by the Showbox app is as safe as the streaming feature is. Well, to clarify it all, Showbox is in fact safe to download all kinds of movie, sports and TV shows available on the app.

All of its downloadable videos are cross checked by the company for safe downloading for the users. The app also does not go deep into the user’s device directory; the users are manually allowed to set up the download location while downloading from the app.


Theoretically speaking, almost none of the online streaming applications are legal. All of them provide copyrighted content for its users to view on their devices for free. These applications contain no kinds of licenses from the movie, TV show and sports company broadcasters.

However, one must take it into consideration the fact that there are no kinds of actions against the users of the streaming applications. When tested, a lot of the apps that are officially unavailable on app stores were proven safe. The Showbox app is also one of them. The reviews of the app and several online tests prove that there is no harm of any kind while using the  app on your device.

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