How to play Showbox on Smart TV?

Showbox is an application which allows online streaming of various TV shows, movie and sports matches directly on the user’s PC or mobile phone. It also comes with a download feature which allows its users to download and store the streamed videos on their storage devices.

showbox on smart tv

Showbox app seems quite fancy with the features it provides. However, watching a long 90 minute football match or an hour long episode of a TV show every time on a small screen mobile seems quite a hassle. With it the fact that you always need to adjust your body position and hold the device all the time.

Surprisingly, the Showbox app provides a solution for this as well with its casting ability through third party apps. The casting feature allows its users to connect their mobile phones to bigger screens like that of a Smart TV. But first, let us look at how to download the third party apps for Showbox to connect to a Smart TV.

How to download apps for Showbox for Smart TV connection?

Fortunately enough, all of the versions of the Showbox app allow Smart TV connectivity. This makes it easy for its users to download the app from any third party website. The app however is not available on the official app stores. Neither does it have a casting feature within. However, various third party apps allow casting on Showbox. Here is how you get these apps on your Android device.

  • Step 1: Install the Showbox app on your Android device through third party websites or click here.
  • Step 2: Once installed, open Google on your default browser and enter search “AllCast APK download”
  • Step 2: Look for any website which offers the latest version of the app.
  • Step 3: Download the APK package installer file of the AllCast app.
  • Step 4: Install the AllCast app from the package installer.

How to connect Showbox to a Smart TV using AllCast app?

AllCast is a great third party application which allows streaming applications the facility to connect Smart TVs with mobile phones. Once both the apps are installed, the user simply has to run the Showbox app, look for the desired stream and play it. Once the user clicks “play” the Showbox on smart tv, a list of apps should pop-up to open with. Then, the user has to choose the AllCast app and look for the “Chromecast” option whereupon the user will be asked to select their desired device for casting. Now, the user simply has to click on their Smart TV’s name and the app should connect the mobile phone and the Smart TV in a matter of seconds.


The Showbox app unfortunately does not allow direct casting from within the app. However, various third party applications are available for the users to access this facility. Luckily enough, all of these third party applications are both officially available on the app stores and are directly downloadable from third party websites as well.

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