What Genres of Movies Are Available on ShowBox?

ShowBox has a wide selection of movies that are well categorized for the purpose of ease of accessibility. They include Action, drama, Science fiction, animated, romance and fantasy movies. Here are examples of the top rated movies of 2017 that can easily be downloaded or streamed using on ShowBox.

1. Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

If you liked this fairytale when you were younger, then you will love the film adaptation. Belle played by Emma Watson is imprisoned by the beast. Similar to the original storyline, the beast was a prince and can only be released from the curse by true love’s kiss. Her feeling of anger and fear towards her captor dissipate as they spend more time together.

2. The Fate of the Fast and Furious

This is the last sequel of the Fast and Furious Franchise. The close-knit group of friends who have faced villains together and won time and time again will be tested in the worst way when they have to face one of their own.

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3. Logan

In the year 2029, Logan is ailing and is at the same time caring for Professor X who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and therefore has difficulties controlling his strong telepathic powers. He is introduced to a young mutant girl who is being hunted he takes her under his wing intending to help her survive.

4. Lego the Batman Movie

Lego the Batman Movie

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This is a 3D computer animated comedy film that features batman and an orphan he apparently adopted. If you enjoyed the first Lego movie, you will no doubt like this one as well.

5. Before I Fall

What if you knew exactly when and how you would die?

Beautiful teenager Samantha Kingston portrayed by Zoe Duetchdies in a car crush. To her surprise, she relives that day over and over and no matter what she does she cannot change the inevitable end. This continuous repetition of a single day becomes an unending source of frustrationas she tries to figure out how to break the loop.

6. Skull Island

A joint effort by scientists, adventurers and soldiers to explore Kong, a mythical Island in the Pacific Ocean goes terribly wrong when they encounter creatures not known to man and are constantly being attacked. Their exploration mission gradually turns into a survival one.

7. 50 Shades Darker

50 Shades Darker

If you enjoy romantic adult films, this is the movie for you! A sequel to the 50 shades of Grey based on a novel of the same name. Christian Grey once again tries to lure an independent Anna Steele; but even with anew beginning, his past still continues to haunt them.It is full of drama, sex, and suspenseand as it later turns out,love.

8. Pirates of the Caribbean

Follow Captain Jack Sparrow in his new adventures as he searches for the Trident of Poseidon in order to save his own life. Dead men tell no Tales is expected to Premier on 26th may and audiences cannot wait to see what is in store for them.

9. The Shack

Mark had a difficult childhood growing up but his family gave him joy and hope. His daughter went missing and her bloody dress was found in a cabin. The police concluded that she has been a victim of a serial killer.Full of sorrow, he loses faith in God.He then finds an anonymous typed note telling him to go to the cabin. What he uncovers changes his outlook on life and gives him hope.

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10. The Circle

The Circle

When Mae Holland employed in a huge telecommunications company, she could not be happier. She then joins an innovative team and what they do concerning privacy and surveillance as she soon realizes will change the future of humans forever.

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