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ShowBox APK v4.69 – The Most Awaited Ad Free Mod is now Available!


Rejoice, Internet! Your very own ShowBox now has a Mod APK file available which carries no pesky ads. The app is really simple to use, now that all the commercial intrusion is out of the way. Let us discuss some more about the latest developments in ShowBox.

showbox apk

ShowBox Mod APK

The latest ShowBox v4.69 apk is available ad free. The file was shared over reddit by the developer ries. The apk file has fewer ads, and also comes with fewer permissions required to operate on your device vs ShowBox’s official apk.

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How to Install ShowBox on your Android TV Box

ShowBox is the uncrowned king of all movie streaming apps. We’ve already dealt with how you can get the app on your Android device, Windows PC and Blackberries. But did you know you can get the app directly on your TV as well? Well, it needs to be an Android TV, to be specific. But the app is wonderful to play on the big screen, where you can play all your favorite movies and TV shows directly without needing a Chromecast device or a USB to transfer files from other devices. Continue reading

Top 5 Movies You Can Watch on ShowBox (July 2016)

ShowBox carries stellar content you can enjoy, and you have plenty of fresh stuff to watch every week.This past month too, the app has been updated with more content, and you’re going to be thrilled to read about the best movies you can watch on the app. Read the following list to see the 5 best movies added to ShowBox. Don’t forget to download the latest ShowBox APK 4.66 to enjoy the movies.

showbox movies

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Free Online Movie Streaming App Unbiased Comparison

There are tens of mobile apps that can help you watch free movies and TV shows lying on the couch. But it is frustrating to download the app and then launch it to find your film absent from its library. It surely grinds my gear. And so I have maintained this mental list of genres available on each genre.

But a mental list can be hard to recall perfectly. So I thought I’d make it in print. And while I was at it, I thought i’d share it with you too.

I made a general list of movie genres, which I’m fully aware is not all-encompassing. The columns belong to 7 movie watching apps available for a variety of devices, from Android to iOS and even Windows.

Free Online Movie Streaming App Comparison

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