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[Fix]Showbox Server Down Problem

All of us know how annoying server loading problems can be on applications. We keep clicking the refresh button but the server remains down and the page stops loading further. The Showbox online movie, TV show streaming application is also known to face this problem as complained by its users.

showbox Server Down

Showbox is possibly the best streaming application out there for mobile devices. However, due to its regular server issues, its users end up uninstalling the application and look for better alternatives – completely unknown of the fact how easily the server issues can be fixed manually by them.

How to fix server down problem on Showbox?

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Apps like Showbox 2017: Updated

Over the past few years, there has been an increment in the number of sports and movie enthusiasts. The amount of enthusiasm is huge among fans but the broadcasting availability is low in some areas which are really frustrating. Imagine this – you recently find about an intriguing movie which your friend suggested or you got to hold off via an advertisement. Then, you get to the web and look for download or streaming links for that particular movie and find none. Isn’t that annoying?

apps like showbox

Fortunately enough, Showbox provides free streaming facility of latest movies, sports and TV shows along with the old classics. It also comes with a download feature which enables the user to download and store the videos on their mobile phones. Basically, it has whatever one could wish for from an online streaming application.

Showbox Alternatives 2017

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How to play Showbox on Smart TV?

Showbox is an application which allows online streaming of various TV shows, movie and sports matches directly on the user’s PC or mobile phone. It also comes with a download feature which allows its users to download and store the streamed videos on their storage devices.

showbox on smart tv

Showbox app seems quite fancy with the features it provides. However, watching a long 90 minute football match or an hour long episode of a TV show every time on a small screen mobile seems quite a hassle. With it the fact that you always need to adjust your body position and hold the device all the time.

Surprisingly, the Showbox app provides a solution for this as well with its casting ability through third party apps. The casting feature allows its users to connect their mobile phones to bigger screens like that of a Smart TV. But first, let us look at how to download the third party apps for Showbox to connect to a Smart TV.

How to download apps for Showbox for Smart TV connection?

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Is Showbox Safe To Use?

As of lately, there has been a massive rise of online video streaming applications for mobile and PC platforms. Showbox is one among these online streaming application which allows streaming of movies, music videos, TV shows and live sporting events without taking any money from its users. On top of it, it also allows its users to download the streams in high definition to store them on their storage devices.

showbox safe or not

Showbox is basically a hosting app which has a server of its own to provide streaming facility to its users. It is unfortunately unavailable on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. However, various third party websites contain package installers for the users to download and install the Showbox app. Once, installed, the user enters an eye-catching user interface with various filters to browse from.

Is it safe to download and use?

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How to resolve subtitles error on Showbox?

Showbox is an online movie, TV show and live sports streaming application. It allows its users to stream or download the videos available on the app without any cost whatsoever. People from various countries use the application on their devices.

Needless to say, it is a good thing that users have appreciated the app worldwide, some foreign users however do have certain problems with the application. One of which is the subtitles error on Showbox. Sometimes the app is unable to track down subtitles for particular movies and TV shows and the user is left with a popped up error and no fix provided by the app’s help section either. Luckily, we have found a simple solution for this using third party video players which fetch subtitles from the web for the users to view.

Let us study these video players down below.

breaking bad right

How to download MX Player for Showbox subtitles?

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Why get a VPN with ShowBox?

Since so many ShowBox users complain to us about being banned from the internet by their ISPs, it is perhaps not a stretch to reason that not many know what VPNs are and how they can be employed. Maybe I’m too critical, but surfing the internet without proper protection is often a recipe for mishaps.

vpn for showbox

ShowBox is constantly on the radar of some nosey ISPs, and people using them often find their IPs banned, which prevents accessing or even browsing the content you have been trying to watch. Luckily, several VPNs online can hide you from prying eyes of ISPs and let you watch your favorite movies without any fear.

Benefits of using a VPN with ShowBox

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ShowBox for Chromebook

ShowBox and Chromebooks might seem mutually incompatible, but they’re not. Chromebooks come in varied configurations and can be used differently. If you’re looking to use ShowBox on your Chromebook, the methods for Windows and Mac, ie most Android emulators will not work for you. To find out what will, read below.

showbox on chromecast


What to use, if not Android Emulators?

Android Emulators are not the only way of running Android apps on non-Android devices. There are several other ways to go about it. The most popular method of these is using a Chrome extension called ARC Welder. Then, there are ways to access the app like through online emulators like Genymotion or Manymo. All these methods are frequently used by people around the world and have been reviewed extensively by the online community

Want to know how to use ShowBox on your Chromebook? Read on!

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ShowBox for PC without BlueStacks

The amazing ShowBox app has been bringing more and more entertainment to Android smartphones  with each passing week. There are thousands of free movies you can enjoy, along with TV shows, documentaries, news, gossip and more.

showbox pc without bluestack

Windows PC users have been enjoying the app on their devices using Android emulators, the most popular of which is BlueStacks. But there are also ShowBox fans who aren’t too fond of BlueStacks. It could be that BlueStacks doesn’t run properly for them, or that the interface is not polished enough in their evaluation.

There are more options to take recourse to, thankfully. There are other emulators you can use to play ShowBox app and watch all the movies you want right when you want to. Here are some of them

Alternative emulators to run ShowBox on PC without BlueStacks.

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How to Run Showbox on Mac – Step by Step Procedure

Downloading ShowBox Apk on Android OS is really very convenient, but operating systems like Windows and iOS rarely support Android based applications (due to them being in Apk formats). We have received quite a few queries regarding its downloading procedure on Mac and other Apple devices, and so here is an article to help you through it.

andy emmulator

ShowBox can be installed on Mac OS only through an emulator. Today, in this article we’ll be discussing the procedure to download and install ShowBox on your Mac operating system, step-by-step. We’ll be looking at two different procedures and you may choose the procedures that suits you the best.

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