Free Online Movie Streaming App Unbiased Comparison

There are tens of mobile apps that can help you watch free movies and TV shows lying on the couch. But it is frustrating to download the app and then launch it to find your film absent from its library. It surely grinds my gear. And so I have maintained this mental list of genres available on each genre.

But a mental list can be hard to recall perfectly. So I thought I’d make it in print. And while I was at it, I thought i’d share it with you too.

I made a general list of movie genres, which I’m fully aware is not all-encompassing. The columns belong to 7 movie watching apps available for a variety of devices, from Android to iOS and even Windows.

Free Online Movie Streaming App Comparison

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How to make sure your streamed content is legal?

Piracy is never justified. It’s just not cool. People who put their life and soul into making a movie or TV episode don’t get paid their due. There’s no nobility in killing business of a movie you enjoy.

That being said, I do enjoy a good movie streamed to my smartphone. I love a lot of movies, and i even have quite a few downloaded with me. How can I download free movies while also saying no to piracy, people ask me. It’s easy! With a little effort, you can find out whether the movie you’re watching is owned by someone or not. Continue reading

Top 10 Free Movie Apps for Android 2016

Watching free movies is something nobody can refuse. Earlier, you would be forced to go through a plethora of sites with bogus links that duped you to ads, just to find one link to a bad print. But thanks to special apps we have available now, there is no more need to bury yourself in spam advertisements. To watch your favourite movie free of cost, you need only look into your favourite app. Continue reading

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