How to Stream ShowBox of PS4

Spoiler alert, you can’t! PS4 is just another outdated console, a fad that has fizzled out in merely 3 years. The pretty substantial investment hasn’t really paid off for a lot of people who aren’t really all that into gaming, so it is pretty understandable that they want it to be useful in the latest entertainment craze, which is using Android apps on the big screen.

Showbox for Ps4

What to do with your PS4?

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How to Play ShowBox app for XBox one and XBox 360?

XBox are the perfect TV accessory. If you think they’re only good for playing games of, you’re wrong. Of the many things they can be used in addition to playing games, the most fascinating is watching movies for free. Just imagine if you could watch free movies and TV shows right on your TV with just the xBox, the cable or DTH connection you use will be perfectly obsolete!

Download Bluestacks

If you are a windows user, Click here

How to use XBox One and XBox 360 to play free movies using ShowBox app?

XBox One and XBox 360 are amazing consoles to add to your PC. But these machines can also connect your TV to your Android smartphone like a Chromecast dongle would. This forms the crux of how we’re going to get our XBox devices to stream movies for free via ShowBox APK.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

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How to Install Showbox on Amazon Fire TV Stick

If you thought watching Show Box on your TV requires you to have a Chromecast device plugged in and an Android phone with the app and Localcast, let me tell you it needn’t be this complicated. There are easy ways to watch your favorite TV shows and movies, without needing to have the app stored on your Android. Want to save a precious 40 MBs on your smartphone? Use Amazon’s Fire TV Stick and you can!

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Confirmed: Streaming App Meerkat Is Officially Dead

Video streaming app Meerkat is a thing of the past now. The app was withdrawn from application stores earlier this month, and services have stopped. The service is being replaced by a more up-to-date one called Houseparty, which is argued to be faster and easier to connect of.

The developments are noticeable all over the internet. Meerkat’s twitter account has become private, and the website redirects you to Houseparty’s site. Meerkat came from what remained after an earlier app Yevvo died out. After a run of about an year, with most of the promotion strategy based on word of mouth, the app has taken a falling, bowing to the might of social media giants Facebook and Twitter following their gradual entry into live streaming.

meerkat logo

Meerkat had claimed quite some attention for itself in SXSW 2015 in Austin, Texas. But like Foursquare, which saw similar popularity in 2007, the app failed to retain that fame, much less enhance it into becoming a phenomenon like Twitter did at one time.

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To be fair, the odds weren’t exactly in the app’s favor ever since it started out. Twitter purchased Periscope pretty close to when Meerkat made its not-so-grand appearance at the event, and so it was only a matter of time when Periscope’s private beta ended and the app captured the market. Facebook’s Live feature too made its appearance first on Facebook Pages and then on profiles as well. Snapchat and Instagram announced pretty major fresh inclusions.

Houseparty is the app that now replaces Meerkat, bringing the feature to text a link to people to invite them in a conversation. The app is quick and efficient, though since it is pretty new, one can expect major image and utility upgrades in the coming time. Houseparty will be facing a tough market where it will have to battle the same live streaming services which took down Meerkat, and which are supported by huge corporates with capital. The app looks like it has learnt quite a few lessons from its predecessors. iOS and Android can both get the app, compared to how Meerkat was iOS only when it came out in SXSW.

Meerkat’s demise was announced by the CEO of Life On Air, the company behind the app, Ben Rubin via Twitter. The response was pretty telling of how much the app was appreciated. Let’s see how Houseparty is received in the market.


How to Install ShowBox Add On on Kodi

Kodi is a popular media center application that can take your breath away. The utility is one of the easiest to manage, and the most fun to use and also pretty comprehensive in its usefulness.

What You’ll Learn in this Post

  • How to Install ShowBox on Kodi
  • Adding or Installing ShowBox on Kodi
  • ShowBox ZIP File

showbox app

Kodi was formerly known as XMBC. To play videos, enjoy games, browse the internet and do a lot of other fun stuff, Kodi is the best option available. There is a lot you can do with Kodi, if you know your way around Add Ons.

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The Latest ShowBox Bug and How to Fix it

Ok so to be honest, this isn’t a bug as pervasive and crippling as, say the shutdown of PlayBox HD about a year ago. But for those affected by it, it is debilitating and you cannot watch your free movies and TV shows on the app, no matter how you try to modify the app’s settings.

What is this ShowBox issue?

So far, there have been relatively few people who I’ve seen being affected by the problem. I am also told that this is not something new, and that users have in the past faced the issue and had to delete several apps of the genre that did not function, including MegaBox, CartoonHD, CinemaBox and Play View, among others. Apps like Terrarium TV have been immune to this, though.

Normally, the videos that you watch on ShowBox are redirected. In a zeal to cut down the terrible crime of piracy, ISPs at some places have been blocking out redirector.googlevideo and some related URLs to disable inappropriate video streaming. But this also restricts public domain movies at times, and it has bothered a few ShowBox users.

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5 Old Time ShowBox TV Series to Watch and get nostalgic

We all have TV Shows we remember fondly from our childhoods, or when we were in high school and used to skip homework to watch 30 minute episodes of. All those TV Shows now probably come as a DVD pack, restocked every Christmas. But with ShowBox, you needn’t wait for all those DVDs to go on sale. The app will let you watch them for free, and even download the very best on content that you can add to your own digital library at home. Cool right?

If you have ShowBox, MX Player and an Ok internet connection, you’re ready to go of a trip down memory lane. Shall we?

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ShowBox for Apple iPad/iPhone Download


ShowBox is a really fun app all on us can enjoy. It has free movies and TV shows to watch, which come from all sorts on genres, featuring all your favorite artists. The app can play your favorite entertainment of your electronic device, download it, cast it to a bigger screen and even get you subtitles, news and trailers in the same concise interface.

ShowBox is an Android app, which can be made to run on Blackberry and, with an Android Emulator, of Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10! But unfortunately for iOS users, there is no way to get ShowBox on your device. Mac users can use the Android Emulator method to get the app on their device. But Android Emulators for iOS have been famously incompetent, apart from being ugly to look at. Nevertheless, here is the method you can use.

ReadShowBox on Kodi

Getting ShowBox App for iOS using Android Emulator.

Here are the steps you need to follow to get ShowBox on your iOS device using an Android Emulator. In this method, the Emulator we’re using is called Cydia.


  • Download Cydia on your iOS device. Your iOS version for iPhone must be 6.0 or higher.
  • Launch Cydia, and click on Manage at the very bottom.
  • Enter Sources, and look for You can just as easily add it to the system manually.
  • After you have added the source, enter it and look for an app called iAndroid.
  • Install it using the top right button, and let the installation complete.
  • You should now be able to see iAndroid of your iPhone/iPad’s home screen.
  • Now you can download the ShowBox apk file from here, and open it after entering iAndroid, and you should be able to run ShowBox without any hassle.

Some users have previously reported that this method has not worked for them. But don’t worry. There is another way to get the app of your iPhone or iPad. This time, the intermediary we’re going to use is called vShare, available on

Getting ShowBox App for iOS using vShare.

The steps are much more concise and easier to follow than the previous method. Here’s what you gotta do.


  • Get vShare of your device using the official website mentioned above. The app is a freeware, so don’t worry about paying exorbitant sums on money.
  • Run the app. You will receive a prompt if you want iOS to trust this app. Click “Trust” to agree.
  • Enter the app and in the search bar, type in “Movie Box”. This is an app almost identical to ShowBox, available pretty easily on iOS.
  • Install the Movie Box app.
  • Run this app, and you can now go ahead and watch all your favorite movies and TV shows till you collapse!

Note: If you’re asked if you want to trust this app when you run MovieBox, click “Trust”. The app might not be as amazing to use without letting iOS trust it and letting it function as you want it to.

So here we talked about two methods that can get your Show Box’s amazing experience and utility right of your iPhone or iPad. Do leave us your queries down below. Cheers!

The Best Movies to Watch on ShowBox this September

September’s here, folks! And as traumatising it might be to return to school, there’s one good thing in the world after all! ShowBox App has, like clockwork, added more movies this past month for us to enjoy. And they’re all golden! But you know we cannot list them all and tell you all about them. So we picked the five best movies of the app this time, and maybe you’ll be inspired to dig into the app and watch all your favorite movies and TV shows for free online! So, here we go!

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