Wondering What’s Good on ShowBox? Here Are a Few Suggestions

1. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

Based on R.R Martin’s book, Song of Ice and Fire, this is an epic medieval fantasy drama.  It is well known that scenes from this drama have been shot at different locations around the world including Australia, Croatia, Ireland and Iceland; this points to the dedication and the humungous budget that goes in to the preparation and shooting of this show.

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2. Scandal

Olivia Pope started out as the presidential campaign manager for a senator who consequently becomes president. They have an affair which sets off a series of events which include his very public divorce from his wife, kidnappings, election rigging, assassination attempts and conspiracies among others.

Towards the end of president’s second term his ex-wife now a governor runs for president. However she loses and to everyone’s utter shock, the president-elect is assassinated during his speech.

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3. 13 Reasons why

It tells the story of Hanna Baker, a teen struggling with social, emotional and psychological issues who opts to commit suicide. She leaves behind 13 tapes that narrate her experiences and why she ended her life.  It has sparked stimulating conversations amongst fellow teens, parents and teachers. While it has been described as a work of art that addresses critical issues such as bullying and depression, experts have warned that it glamorizes suicides and is actually very dangerous.

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4. Prison Break

Prison Break

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Its last episode aired in 2009 and audiences across the world felt they needed closure. It is back and is just as exciting as ever.

Lincoln was unfairly sent to prison for murder thanks to a government conspiracy, his brother Michael gets himself arrested and sent to the same prison as he tries to escape. Years later, the roles are reversed and the stakes are much higher. Will Lincoln manage to rescue his brother from a Yemeni prison?

5. Designated Survivor

A terrorist attack kills the president and all who follow in the presidential line of succession during the State of the Union Address leaving Tom a former minister to ascend the Oval hence known as the “Designated Survivor”. Unfortunately they remain oblivious to the fact that it was only the beginning and worse is yet to come.

6. Bates Motel

Bates motel is a psychological thriller that stars teenager Norman Bates and mother Norma Bates.

They move to a small town and young Norman suffers from blackouts, schizophrenia and multi-personality disorder. He also has an unnaturally close relationship with his mother and as a result of this, Norma overlooks his mental illness.

This of course has dire consequences as recent disappearances and murders coincidentally occur during his blackouts. The once quiet town is a crime scene; the buried bodies and missing persons all have one thing in common: Guests in the Bates Motel.

7. American Horror Story-My Roanoke Nightmare

American Horror Story

Are you familiar with the Roanoke Colony?

History books refer to them as the Lost Colony.  116 English colonists simply disappeared and there is no conclusive evidence of what happened to them.

Centuries later, it turns out that they successfully found a home. Though dead, they haunt and kill all who step into their land. A young couple moves into an old house in a bid to start afresh after a traumatic miscarriage and instead end up fighting for their lives.

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8. Greys Anatomy

Medical drama that revolves around a group of doctors who highlight the professional and personal challenges they face.

9. Legion

A young man who spent a good part of his life in a mental institution must come to grips with the fact that the voices and visions he imagines may be real after all.

10. Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time

All our favorite fictional characters are brought to life!

The happily ever after at the end of every story did not happen.  Rapunzel was not rescued and Cinderella did not marry her prince.

The Evil Queen cast Snow White and Prince Charming’s Kingdom into the Dark Curse leading them to believe that they are normal people living normal lives unknowingly trapped in our world. Years later, a Savior comes to rescue them.

Join them as they attempt to break the curse and fight to give everyone their happy ending.

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