10 Best Romantic Movies to Watch on Showbox With Your Bae

It has been a long wait for something new on the romance movies. We all need that movie that shows that love really makes the world go round. We have new movies or can we say latest and of course the best. These will keep you occupied for some good time before a new edition is out. These new movies will leave you asking for more. Some have classic taste of comedy so that they are not so sad after all. Some also have jazz music that you will surely love you can now access them from ShowBox.

1. Fifty Shades Darker

It is a development fifty shades of grey where Christian Grey tries to get back together with Ana. He seems to be driven by feelings of both love and lust. These two lovebirds get more intimate and they take their romance to the next level. However, Ana is still bitter with him and his past only seems to get darker and she feels more insecure.

2. Call Me by Your Name

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A seventeen year old boy gets to meet and fall in love with beautiful lady who is a summer guest at his parent’s mansion on a cliffside on the Italiana Riviera. Surely love does not discriminate and the heart wants what it wants. It seems off at first considering their social status. However, they put all their differences aside to experience love together.

3. Why him

It is a romance comedy movie where a father gets to meet his daughter’s boyfriend for the first time. The boyfriend is wealthy and lives a luxurious life but could not seem to get along with the father. His language seemed rude and his way of living was awkward, not close to normal. However, these two men need to get along for the girl’s sake.

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4. Everything Everything

Maddy, a teen girl has problem with her health. She has a rare disease that makes her allergic to almost everything. She spent all her life indoors and only saw her mother. However, a new boy, Olly moves in next door. It seems like Maddy finally has the chance to experience love.

5. The Big Sick

This is a love story of a Pakistani comedian guy and an American girl whose relationship which is faced by major challenges. The boyfriend’s Muslim family is critical about the relationship. However love conquers all including culture and personal differences.

6. Beauty and the Beast

We fall in love with someone’s heart not their looks or physique. This is a fantasy musical romance story of a young beautiful girl in love with a beast. It all starts with friendship, though Belle is still afraid of Dan. However with time their feelings blossom to love.

7. La la land

A musical romance movie with a classic ancient theme. Emma and Ryan are evidently in love and are all concerned about their careers. As they get successful, their romantic life seems to be drowning.

8. The Space Between Us

A teenage boy brought up in Mars falls in love with a girl in Earth and all they do is communicate. Love is truly the strongest emotion since the boy embarks on a journey to earth to meet his love.

9. The lovers

A long marriage life seems to be falling apart. The couple is rather dissatisfied in their relationship hence they get other new partners. When they are almost calling their marriage off completely, a spark is reignited. It seems their romantic life is taking its place and they have to call off their other relationships.

10. Unforgettable

Tessa, who has not healed from her divorce from David has more wounds to heal when she hears f David’s engagement to Julia. On the other hand, Julia is trying to fit in as a wife and step mother to Tessa’s daughter but Tessa will not her give her the opportunity. Tessa will do anything to keep Julia away from her ex-husband and daughter.

With all the different genres of movies, there is that soft touch of this type of movies. It feels great seeing the other side of the fantasy of love or experiencing love. You will need to hop into your favorite watching spot and have some coffee. You do not want to sleep and miss these amazing new romance movies.

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