These Are The Best Documentaries on Showbox in 2017

While watching TV all day long is often considered a way to pass the time, when you learn something new then you get educated and entertained. Documentaries give an explanation about life, nature and interesting elements which can include supernatural occurrence. Check out the following ten best documentaries of 2017 on Showbox.

1. Life and Death of Marsha P. Johnson 

Life and Death of Marsha P. Johnson

women of color were mistreated during the slavery period, and in modern times the discrimination continues for trans women of color. This documentary shows the life of the famous Marsha Johnson who was one of the first black transwomen. It also investigates how Marsha together with Silvia Rivera started the gay rights movement whose primary mission was to give a helping hand to any transgender in New York.

2. Kedi

This is a story about stray cats, how they freely roam and affect the lives of the citizens of Istanbul. It illustrates the contrast of how cats in the streets take care of themselves while those at homes are loved and taken care of by their owners. Through the eyes of the seven cats, viewers will be able to see how modernization is exhausting the space for the street catsto roam around Istanbul freely.

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3. I Called Him Morgan

This examines the life and murder of famous jazz musician Lee Morgan. Director of this documentary Kasper Collin shows the success and downfall of the musician through his wife and manager Helen. After a misunderstanding, Helen shot and killed Morgan. The film also explores themes of poverty, drug addiction and insecurities in a relationship,particularly when one spouse is famous.

4. Planet Earth 2

Planet Earth 2

With Planet 1 a success all around the world, Planet Earthtwo will not disappoint anyone who loves nature. The ultra HD images add to the stunning visuals of this documentary. Narrated by narrated by David Attenborough, this documentary is divided into six parts which include cities, islands,  jungles, grasslands, mountains, deserts. Whichever part you prefer, this documentary caters to different preferences.

5. Casting JonBenet

This film dramatizes the unsolved murder of JonBenet Ramsey. 20 years later, actors and actresses reenact beliefs about what might have resulted in the gruesome death of the 6-year-old. Expect to know more about the ransom note and theories about how she was killed.

6. Building Chernobyl’s Mega Tomb

Audiences that like documentaries about engineering or construction will enjoy the building of Chernobyl’s mega tomb. The tomb is a mega structure requiring 36000tons of steel so as to keep all personnel free of radiation. The engineers including architectures have to erect as well as slide the new structure on top of the old reactor and overcome any challenges.

7. Cries of Syria

Cries of Syria

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Refugees from Syria risking their lives to enter Europe has been a hot topic in many news outlets. However, this documentary shows the heroes of Syria; the activists and revolutionaries who have taken a stand against the regime of Assad. It also gives a glimpse of Syrian citizens who amidst the war have never lost hope and risk their lives to cross different borders to find better lives.

8. Meet the Trumps: From Immigrant to President

It was a shock to many when Donald Trump became the 45th president of USA. For those who want to know why and how he won, well this documentary can shed some light. Never seen footage about the debates and his campaigns is also shown in this documentary.

9. Whose Streets?

Black lives matter is a famous and powerful slogan that portrays the discrimination that modern African-American continue to face in their own This film explores the injustices that young blacks face, the murder of Furgerson as well as Michael Brown and how their death led to a global movement.

10. Unacknowledged


Many theories have been given concerning extra terrestrial, and what they can do and this documentary explains the government’s involvement. Gus Fring uses the classified disclosure project to demonstrate government’s participation in keeping UFOs a secret.


Showbox continues to be on the forefront in providing Documentaries that give you real entertainment and something different from all the storylines. Get the latest APK file for Showbox here. These best films give you the truth about matters affecting daily lives of people as well as the beauty of nature. So, just sit back and enjoy.

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