Best Apps to watch Live TV on Android


It is such a bummer when you have to skip your favorite show because you couldn’t make it out of work on time. But thanks to smartphones, it becomes a breeze to catch the latest episodes, watch the news and the movie premiere no matter where you are. All you need is a 3G/4G connection or a good WiFi, and your smartphone loaded with one of these apps. There are several apps out there you can use to entertain yourself this way, but I’ll tell you about the three best apps out there.

live tv on Android


Vidmate is amazing because it isn’t just a video downloader that many know it as, but also a music downloader, meme generator, web browser par excellence and also an apk outlet. To add to it all, you can also watch your favorite movies and TV shows as they are playing on TV! Vidmate’s Live TV feature has actually been around for a long time, having also received great reviews. It’s weird how so many Vidmate users don’t know about it.


With 77 free channels, and 30 more if you buy the premium version, there’s no end to the utility that TVPlayer offers. For those interested in Desi content, this is one amazing place to look for your soaps and movies. The app also has an interactive guide you can use to find out when your favorite shows will air, so you can plan your day to watch them. Also, you find support for Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, which means you can watch TV without paying any cable companies.


DIRECTV lets you watch Live TV and also recorded television, so you can enjoy the movie from last night once again when you wish to. There are of demand movies and TV shows to enjoy. It is arguably more prompt in uploading content than Netflix. Plus, you can download the shows you have recorded on your home DVR to your smartphone, and enjoy them on the go. DIRECTV also lets you control what your children access on it, so they don’t busy with age inappropriate content. Cast the video to your TV straight from the mobile. The app’s Live TV feature is unique because it allows you to also watch the stuff that aired in the last 3 days. And if you’re ever going to miss a show and you know beforehand, just use the app to schedule a recording on your DVR!

There are a ton of choices on the internet to choose your Live TV app from. Often, the features are identical, and the quality is the same. But you do find apps that are gems, with amazing picture quality and marvellous added features. Vidmate, DIRECTV and TVPlayer are such gems. There are other apps too, but they’re not that amazing. Which of the three do you like best? I prefer Vidmate because it helps me download videos as well. Tell me your favorite in the comments below.

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