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Watching Showbox on Tv Without Chromecast: Is it Possible?

Thanks to the technological advancements, the 21st century has massive surprises in store. Apps are being invented daily on various fields, and Showbox is one such example, it has really changed the way we watch and enjoy our favorite shows and movies. This is possible with the development of Showbox, an app tailored for both iPhone and android operating systems. The application is capable of meeting every user’s entertainment needs all you need to do is just a click away. Showbox app possess exquisite streaming features that include:

  • An easy to use interface
  • It needs no subscription unlike other apps it is free to use
  • A dedicated team of officials that restlessly keeps the Showbox list up to date for you enabling you to catch up with your favorite shows and movie series episodes. Isn’t this mind blowing?

These you can’t enjoy unless you download the show box app to your compatible device.

Watching Showbox on Tv Without Chromecast

How to download?

Show box app is currently not available on Google’s play store, but don’t be so disappointed!  You can side load the app Apk file from third party genuine sources online.

On your device, go to settings and check on the box “allow installation from unknown sources.

Go back to downloads folder, select the downloaded Showbox Apk file, run it and it will be installed.

For you to watch your favorite files on a much bigger screen you will need to stream from your device .to achieve this you will require a casting tool .chrome cast is the widely used. But can you watch Showbox without chrome cast? Oh yes you can through other available casting tools. This is how to do it:

Now that you have downloaded the streaming app next is to download and install a casting app.

Open Showbox all cast app to be in a position to select the desired file to watch on your television. Ensure your Xbox or Apple TV device is connected .this you can do from your comfort zone by clicking “player” option then select ‘’other player” – an android app designed for Showbox to allow for casting apps  for show box- in the options .the other player serves as an external player on Showbox whenever installed in smartphone….

Click on “Watch Now” option on the show box app .a couple of apps will pop up in a list form on which you will choose all cast app

Choose your preferred casting device could be Xbox One, AppleTV, Roku 3, Office TV, Fire TV or Den TV Stick

Select any of these and start watching Showboxon your screen.

The two most frequently opted for casting devices:

Apple TV

Apple TV

A standalone small puck shaped streamer that possess its very own plug in power supply and processor can hook up to HDMI, it can pull from Huluand Netflix on its own making it a most ideal casting device.

Apple TV uses airplay protocol to cast files from any device that supports airplay. The support of Apple TV need not be baked into the app as the inbuilt airplay is at system level. Close to all apple apps hardware that can display files can be air played on TV.

Sadly there is a limitation with android operating system as it not readily compatible with the Apple TV unless one roots their android devices using advanced hack techniques which might as well lead to android system failure if not done well.



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Xbox one is a casting device that can be customized to your own preference. You are limited to a phone device that has DNLA playback capabilities to be able to use Xbox one. All you have to do is start the Xbox movie on your phone, select a previously stored file in your phone. Swipe from the right to your left of the screen and then select the Devices option.

Select “play” and turn on your console .this can be selected from your devices list

Enjoy your Showbox without Chrome cast.


With downloaded and installed Showbox app you are assured to catch up with your favorite high dimension movies from your comfort zone. With the dedicated officials updating the Showbox library constantly you will be up to date with the latest added episodes for free. You can catch up with the ones you missed out on due to a tight schedule. Isn’t this amazing?

10 Best Romantic Movies to Watch on Showbox With Your Bae

It has been a long wait for something new on the romance movies. We all need that movie that shows that love really makes the world go round. We have new movies or can we say latest and of course the best. These will keep you occupied for some good time before a new edition is out. These new movies will leave you asking for more. Some have classic taste of comedy so that they are not so sad after all. Some also have jazz music that you will surely love you can now access them from ShowBox.

1. Fifty Shades Darker

It is a development fifty shades of grey where Christian Grey tries to get back together with Ana. He seems to be driven by feelings of both love and lust. These two lovebirds get more intimate and they take their romance to the next level. However, Ana is still bitter with him and his past only seems to get darker and she feels more insecure.

2. Call Me by Your Name

Must WatchBest Documentaries on Showbox in 2017

A seventeen year old boy gets to meet and fall in love with beautiful lady who is a summer guest at his parent’s mansion on a cliffside on the Italiana Riviera. Surely love does not discriminate and the heart wants what it wants. It seems off at first considering their social status. However, they put all their differences aside to experience love together.

3. Why him

It is a romance comedy movie where a father gets to meet his daughter’s boyfriend for the first time. The boyfriend is wealthy and lives a luxurious life but could not seem to get along with the father. His language seemed rude and his way of living was awkward, not close to normal. However, these two men need to get along for the girl’s sake.

Download Showbox APK file

4. Everything Everything

Maddy, a teen girl has problem with her health. She has a rare disease that makes her allergic to almost everything. She spent all her life indoors and only saw her mother. However, a new boy, Olly moves in next door. It seems like Maddy finally has the chance to experience love.

5. The Big Sick

This is a love story of a Pakistani comedian guy and an American girl whose relationship which is faced by major challenges. The boyfriend’s Muslim family is critical about the relationship. However love conquers all including culture and personal differences.

6. Beauty and the Beast

We fall in love with someone’s heart not their looks or physique. This is a fantasy musical romance story of a young beautiful girl in love with a beast. It all starts with friendship, though Belle is still afraid of Dan. However with time their feelings blossom to love.

7. La la land

A musical romance movie with a classic ancient theme. Emma and Ryan are evidently in love and are all concerned about their careers. As they get successful, their romantic life seems to be drowning.

8. The Space Between Us

A teenage boy brought up in Mars falls in love with a girl in Earth and all they do is communicate. Love is truly the strongest emotion since the boy embarks on a journey to earth to meet his love.

9. The lovers

A long marriage life seems to be falling apart. The couple is rather dissatisfied in their relationship hence they get other new partners. When they are almost calling their marriage off completely, a spark is reignited. It seems their romantic life is taking its place and they have to call off their other relationships.

10. Unforgettable

Tessa, who has not healed from her divorce from David has more wounds to heal when she hears f David’s engagement to Julia. On the other hand, Julia is trying to fit in as a wife and step mother to Tessa’s daughter but Tessa will not her give her the opportunity. Tessa will do anything to keep Julia away from her ex-husband and daughter.

With all the different genres of movies, there is that soft touch of this type of movies. It feels great seeing the other side of the fantasy of love or experiencing love. You will need to hop into your favorite watching spot and have some coffee. You do not want to sleep and miss these amazing new romance movies.

These Are The Best Documentaries on Showbox in 2017

While watching TV all day long is often considered a way to pass the time, when you learn something new then you get educated and entertained. Documentaries give an explanation about life, nature and interesting elements which can include supernatural occurrence. Check out the following ten best documentaries of 2017 on Showbox.

1. Life and Death of Marsha P. Johnson 

Life and Death of Marsha P. Johnson

women of color were mistreated during the slavery period, and in modern times the discrimination continues for trans women of color. This documentary shows the life of the famous Marsha Johnson who was one of the first black transwomen. It also investigates how Marsha together with Silvia Rivera started the gay rights movement whose primary mission was to give a helping hand to any transgender in New York.

2. Kedi

This is a story about stray cats, how they freely roam and affect the lives of the citizens of Istanbul. It illustrates the contrast of how cats in the streets take care of themselves while those at homes are loved and taken care of by their owners. Through the eyes of the seven cats, viewers will be able to see how modernization is exhausting the space for the street catsto roam around Istanbul freely.

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3. I Called Him Morgan

This examines the life and murder of famous jazz musician Lee Morgan. Director of this documentary Kasper Collin shows the success and downfall of the musician through his wife and manager Helen. After a misunderstanding, Helen shot and killed Morgan. The film also explores themes of poverty, drug addiction and insecurities in a relationship,particularly when one spouse is famous.

4. Planet Earth 2

Planet Earth 2

With Planet 1 a success all around the world, Planet Earthtwo will not disappoint anyone who loves nature. The ultra HD images add to the stunning visuals of this documentary. Narrated by narrated by David Attenborough, this documentary is divided into six parts which include cities, islands,  jungles, grasslands, mountains, deserts. Whichever part you prefer, this documentary caters to different preferences.

5. Casting JonBenet

This film dramatizes the unsolved murder of JonBenet Ramsey. 20 years later, actors and actresses reenact beliefs about what might have resulted in the gruesome death of the 6-year-old. Expect to know more about the ransom note and theories about how she was killed.

6. Building Chernobyl’s Mega Tomb

Audiences that like documentaries about engineering or construction will enjoy the building of Chernobyl’s mega tomb. The tomb is a mega structure requiring 36000tons of steel so as to keep all personnel free of radiation. The engineers including architectures have to erect as well as slide the new structure on top of the old reactor and overcome any challenges.

7. Cries of Syria

Cries of Syria

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Refugees from Syria risking their lives to enter Europe has been a hot topic in many news outlets. However, this documentary shows the heroes of Syria; the activists and revolutionaries who have taken a stand against the regime of Assad. It also gives a glimpse of Syrian citizens who amidst the war have never lost hope and risk their lives to cross different borders to find better lives.

8. Meet the Trumps: From Immigrant to President

It was a shock to many when Donald Trump became the 45th president of USA. For those who want to know why and how he won, well this documentary can shed some light. Never seen footage about the debates and his campaigns is also shown in this documentary.

9. Whose Streets?

Black lives matter is a famous and powerful slogan that portrays the discrimination that modern African-American continue to face in their own This film explores the injustices that young blacks face, the murder of Furgerson as well as Michael Brown and how their death led to a global movement.

10. Unacknowledged


Many theories have been given concerning extra terrestrial, and what they can do and this documentary explains the government’s involvement. Gus Fring uses the classified disclosure project to demonstrate government’s participation in keeping UFOs a secret.


Showbox continues to be on the forefront in providing Documentaries that give you real entertainment and something different from all the storylines. Get the latest APK file for Showbox here. These best films give you the truth about matters affecting daily lives of people as well as the beauty of nature. So, just sit back and enjoy.

What Genres of Movies Are Available on ShowBox?

ShowBox has a wide selection of movies that are well categorized for the purpose of ease of accessibility. They include Action, drama, Science fiction, animated, romance and fantasy movies. Here are examples of the top rated movies of 2017 that can easily be downloaded or streamed using on ShowBox.

1. Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

If you liked this fairytale when you were younger, then you will love the film adaptation. Belle played by Emma Watson is imprisoned by the beast. Similar to the original storyline, the beast was a prince and can only be released from the curse by true love’s kiss. Her feeling of anger and fear towards her captor dissipate as they spend more time together.

2. The Fate of the Fast and Furious

This is the last sequel of the Fast and Furious Franchise. The close-knit group of friends who have faced villains together and won time and time again will be tested in the worst way when they have to face one of their own.

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3. Logan

In the year 2029, Logan is ailing and is at the same time caring for Professor X who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and therefore has difficulties controlling his strong telepathic powers. He is introduced to a young mutant girl who is being hunted he takes her under his wing intending to help her survive.

4. Lego the Batman Movie

Lego the Batman Movie

Download APK file for Showbox here.

This is a 3D computer animated comedy film that features batman and an orphan he apparently adopted. If you enjoyed the first Lego movie, you will no doubt like this one as well.

5. Before I Fall

What if you knew exactly when and how you would die?

Beautiful teenager Samantha Kingston portrayed by Zoe Duetchdies in a car crush. To her surprise, she relives that day over and over and no matter what she does she cannot change the inevitable end. This continuous repetition of a single day becomes an unending source of frustrationas she tries to figure out how to break the loop.

6. Skull Island

A joint effort by scientists, adventurers and soldiers to explore Kong, a mythical Island in the Pacific Ocean goes terribly wrong when they encounter creatures not known to man and are constantly being attacked. Their exploration mission gradually turns into a survival one.

7. 50 Shades Darker

50 Shades Darker

If you enjoy romantic adult films, this is the movie for you! A sequel to the 50 shades of Grey based on a novel of the same name. Christian Grey once again tries to lure an independent Anna Steele; but even with anew beginning, his past still continues to haunt them.It is full of drama, sex, and suspenseand as it later turns out,love.

8. Pirates of the Caribbean

Follow Captain Jack Sparrow in his new adventures as he searches for the Trident of Poseidon in order to save his own life. Dead men tell no Tales is expected to Premier on 26th may and audiences cannot wait to see what is in store for them.

9. The Shack

Mark had a difficult childhood growing up but his family gave him joy and hope. His daughter went missing and her bloody dress was found in a cabin. The police concluded that she has been a victim of a serial killer.Full of sorrow, he loses faith in God.He then finds an anonymous typed note telling him to go to the cabin. What he uncovers changes his outlook on life and gives him hope.

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10. The Circle

The Circle

When Mae Holland employed in a huge telecommunications company, she could not be happier. She then joins an innovative team and what they do concerning privacy and surveillance as she soon realizes will change the future of humans forever.

Am I Breaking any (Copyright) Laws by Using ShowBox?

This is a question that many people ask out of fear of illegally streaming or downloading free content that should only be available in retail shops or sold online.

Short answer, No. Like most apps that can be downloaded from Google Play store, you can download Showbox without any fear of infringing the manufacturer’s copyrights. What would be criminal however would be the improper use of the app either to download movies or shows that you later sell for a profit. Similarly, it would be criminal to download movies or shows that you later use to harm or hurt others, either by perpetuating racism, bullying, discrimination, and so on so forth. The law is always very clear on the limits that you have; basically, the essence of the app is to help you watch and download your favorite shows, purely for entertainment.

Am I Breaking any (Copyright) Laws by Using ShowBox

Get Showbox APK file here.

What should I watch out for to avoid breaking the law?

TV lovers should understand that While ShowBox may be perfectly legal in certain countries; it may be illegal in some. Similar to how internet andYouTube is banned in some countries. Review your country’s laws regarding online Streaming and Downloading.

Also, if ShowBox is legal, Do Not attempt to download and distribute content that have been banned by the government. Problems commonly arise when users download shows that considered unfit for public viewership by the State.

Must ReadBest TV Shows on ShowBox 2017

How can I Break the Law when using ShowBox?

1. Downloading and selling content to third party audiences

Do not reproduce,sell, resell, make duplicate or redistribute downloaded content for commercial purposes.

The same applies to any other mediasuch cassettes, DVDS, CDs or even written content. Making of copies and or distributing is definitely illegal.

2. Engaging in activities that prevent a third party user from enjoying the services offered by ShowBox.

3. Engaging in harmful malpractices that include, but not limited to; introducing malware viruses and Trojans.

4. Attempt to illegally access the site without following the correct procedures of registration and signing in.

5. Collect and store personal information of other users for the purpose of solicitation

6. Send messages that are deemed defamatory, libelous, abusive, to mention but a few.  Like aforementioned, users have limits that revolve around getting entertained by movies they watch or download; any other improper is likely to attract hefty fines, or even a jail term.

showbox legal or illegal

7. Impersonate a person or entity.

8. Falsifying registration information such as names, dates, place of residence

9. Attempt to use the sites coding for your own benefit.

10. Unauthorized advertising on the site which includes but not limited to promotional material or commercial announcements that target users for goods, services of money for their own gain is strictly prohibited.

11. Violate or encourage the violation of international, state or country laws regarding online streaming or downloading

A government may not have the facilities to stop ShowBox in a country. This is to say that just because it is available does not make it legal.

12. Using other automated or electronic means to access the site which includes the use of robots.

13. UnauthorizedDuplication of the Digital Services on ShowBox which includes, text, graphic design, images

14. Unauthorizedplacement of pop-up windows, ads and dialogue boxes which interfere with the user experience.

15. Unauthorized use of the trademark name.

16. Intentional interference and disruption of other sites linked to ShowBox.

17. Assist any third part in engaging in any of the above prohibited activities.

Participation in any of the above malpractices will lead to some form of legal or financial action.

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Viewers can therefore enjoy ShowBox without fear of breaking the law. Furthermore, your security is guaranteed since your details remain confidential.

10 Best TV Shows on ShowBox 2017

Nowadays there are numerous TV shows that you can watch. However, not every TV show is interesting depending on your taste. So, sometimes you might find it hard to gain outstanding entertainment from your TV. This might be the case if you are not using the channel. Well, if your TV is not giving you what you want in terms of entertainment, just don’t go too far and sell it. There is a solution.

If you want to entertain yourself and your family with the best TV shows, just download Showbox APK file and you are good to go. Showbox app presents you with the best opportunity to stream all the best TV shows from any location.

Best TV Shows on Showbox in 2017.

With regard to TV show entertainment Showbox is at the top of the pack in the 21st century. The company is dedicated to ensuring that you are fully entertained with the latest and the best releases. Now, here are the best 2017 TV shows on Showbox to keep you entertained.

1. Taboo


The TV show features Tom Hardy acting as James Delaney. He portrays a survivor from a shipwreck determined at thwarting people planning on stealing his inheritance. The actor’s performance, which is persistently intense, makes the show very interesting. The TV show interweaves 1882 war, incest, and maritime trade into an outstanding story.

2. Fargo

The TV show is now into season 3. The first two seasons have been wonderful and even the third season is supper. With MacGregor acting two different roles, the show is fun definitely wonderful.

3. Fued: Bette and Joan

This TV series is an 8 episode series covering challenges faced by established actresses as they try to reinvent themselves to make sure that they are capable of competing with the younger actresses. The series is an interesting story between aging Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

4. The Americans


Must ReadBest Comedies On Showbox

It’s an interesting drama involving Russian spies. The show is now in season six. Season five was interesting and the story just continues from the last part that involved a lot of digging.

5. Big Little Lies

This is an interesting drama starring Shailene Woodley, Reese Witherspoon, and Nicole Kidman. The TV show is derived from a novel that did great in 2014. It’s a miniseries full of mystery.

6. The Missing

The show continues from the first season which is truly addictive. The show is co-produced by Starz and BBC. It involves tracking of a case that is highly convoluted as well as threatening. The show is very interesting due to the fact that, as the retired detective from France tries to find the answer to a case involving a missing person, there emerges a new scenario involving abduction of an 11-year old in Germany from a British military base.

7. Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley

The TV show involves guys from pied piper. The season presents you with techy shenanigans. If you are tech enthusiasts, this is the show for you.

8. Better Call Saul

This is a wonderful show that centers on a different character in every season. In season one the story centered on Tuco, in season two Salamanca featured heavily now in its third season we meet Gus Fring.

9. The Leftovers

This is a lovely TV show that will keep you glued to your screen. It involves so many mysteries requiring a lot of answers. It is almost over but you can’t afford to miss it.

10. Billions


The show is centered on one major question: who is the hunted and who the hunter is. The Southern District (New York) U.S. Attorney (Paul Giamatti) and Cocky fund spiritual leader (Damian Lewis) try hard to find the answer to the question week in week out.

Winding up

Never worry about watching the best TV shows, because, with Showbox, you are fully sorted. Showbox is the best site for you to find on the best TV shows. Download the app today and enjoy yourself.

Want To Have A Good Laugh? Catch Up On The Best Comedies On Showbox

Are you looking for something fun to watch? You are in luck as ShowBox has a variety of entertaining comedies that you and your family can enjoy

1. The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory


Learn Physics and laugh while doing it by watching this fantastic comedy.The Big Bang theory starts off as a story that centers around 2 young men who are roommates and Physicists at Caltech. Though they are very familiar with the world of Science, fantasy films and games, they have challenges understanding and participation in the day to day activities undertaken by normal people.

A beautiful young waitress moves in next door and their world changes forever.

2. Jane the Virgin

This show will leave you in stitches!

A young lady, Jane is artificially inseminated during a normal check-up. This was a mix up of course, but it severely complicates her life as she is a still virgin when she is falls pregnant.

Her meticulously planned life is falling apart but you won’t help but laugh.

If you want to download Showbox APK, here is the APK file.

3. Black-ish

Is a show that follows the life of a black family living in a predominantly white neighborhood.The head of the family, is constantly questioning whether his huge success in life has led to excessive cultural assimilation of his children hence their perceived lack of black identity and pride

4. Mom


Mom stars Kristie who is a single mother of 2 and recovering alcoholic. Her mother Bonnie Plunket also a covering alcoholic swoops back into her life after abandoning her for years.They present a dysfunctional relationship which is funny to watch play out.

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5. 2 Broke Girls

A former billionaire who lost her fortune and another lady other grew up poor and with no parents become the best friends and business partners. Their unique perspectives on life turn out to be their greatest asset. The show highlights the challenges they deal with trying to start their cupcake business.

6. Girls

When aspiring writer Hannah is invited by her parents to dinner, the last thing she expected was their announcement to permanently cease supporting her financially. This leave her struggling through her twenties “One mistake at a time” along with her group of 5 girlfriends.

7. Insecure


When you think of black African American women, Strong and Confident comes to mind.Right?

Not when it comes to Molly and Issa. They have their own personal insecurities and struggle with day to day experiences faced by women of colour.

8. Crashing

Pete finds himself in New York having pursuing a career in stand-up comedy after his marriage came to an unprecedented end. He always dreamt of becoming a comedian against his wife, Jessica’s wishes. After he finds her in an uncompromising position with another man,he is forced to re-evaluate his life.

9. Making History

If you could turn back the hands of time, what would you change?

Dave was your everyday college facility coordinator until he discovered time travel. He was then able to reinvent himself by claiming famous quotes and sayings as his own. He transports back himself back to the 18th century to spend more time with his girlfriend, Deborah. In doing so, he was altering historical events leading up to the American Revolution.

A large price to pay to be cool, right?

10. No Tomorrow

No Tomorrow

Evie’s life is organized just as she likes it. But with her relationship failing and her career stalled she feels like she needs a change. Xavier, handsome and exciting man waltzes into her life. He is perfect except for the fact that he believes that the human race will be eradicated by a giant asteroid in a matter of months. She then struggles in deciding whether he is crazy and if it matters if he is.

[Fix]Showbox Server Down Problem

All of us know how annoying server loading problems can be on applications. We keep clicking the refresh button but the server remains down and the page stops loading further. The Showbox online movie, TV show streaming application is also known to face this problem as complained by its users.

showbox Server Down

Showbox is possibly the best streaming application out there for mobile devices. However, due to its regular server issues, its users end up uninstalling the application and look for better alternatives – completely unknown of the fact how easily the server issues can be fixed manually by them.

How to fix server down problem on Showbox?

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Apps like Showbox 2017: Updated

Over the past few years, there has been an increment in the number of sports and movie enthusiasts. The amount of enthusiasm is huge among fans but the broadcasting availability is low in some areas which are really frustrating. Imagine this – you recently find about an intriguing movie which your friend suggested or you got to hold off via an advertisement. Then, you get to the web and look for download or streaming links for that particular movie and find none. Isn’t that annoying?

apps like showbox

Fortunately enough, Showbox provides free streaming facility of latest movies, sports and TV shows along with the old classics. It also comes with a download feature which enables the user to download and store the videos on their mobile phones. Basically, it has whatever one could wish for from an online streaming application.

Showbox Alternatives 2017

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How to play Showbox on Smart TV?

Showbox is an application which allows online streaming of various TV shows, movie and sports matches directly on the user’s PC or mobile phone. It also comes with a download feature which allows its users to download and store the streamed videos on their storage devices.

showbox on smart tv

Showbox app seems quite fancy with the features it provides. However, watching a long 90 minute football match or an hour long episode of a TV show every time on a small screen mobile seems quite a hassle. With it the fact that you always need to adjust your body position and hold the device all the time.

Surprisingly, the Showbox app provides a solution for this as well with its casting ability through third party apps. The casting feature allows its users to connect their mobile phones to bigger screens like that of a Smart TV. But first, let us look at how to download the third party apps for Showbox to connect to a Smart TV.

How to download apps for Showbox for Smart TV connection?

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