Am I Breaking any (Copyright) Laws by Using ShowBox?

This is a question that many people ask out of fear of illegally streaming or downloading free content that should only be available in retail shops or sold online.

Short answer, No. Like most apps that can be downloaded from Google Play store, you can download Showbox without any fear of infringing the manufacturer’s copyrights. What would be criminal however would be the improper use of the app either to download movies or shows that you later sell for a profit. Similarly, it would be criminal to download movies or shows that you later use to harm or hurt others, either by perpetuating racism, bullying, discrimination, and so on so forth. The law is always very clear on the limits that you have; basically, the essence of the app is to help you watch and download your favorite shows, purely for entertainment.

Am I Breaking any (Copyright) Laws by Using ShowBox

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What should I watch out for to avoid breaking the law?

TV lovers should understand that While ShowBox may be perfectly legal in certain countries; it may be illegal in some. Similar to how internet andYouTube is banned in some countries. Review your country’s laws regarding online Streaming and Downloading.

Also, if ShowBox is legal, Do Not attempt to download and distribute content that have been banned by the government. Problems commonly arise when users download shows that considered unfit for public viewership by the State.

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How can I Break the Law when using ShowBox?

1. Downloading and selling content to third party audiences

Do not reproduce,sell, resell, make duplicate or redistribute downloaded content for commercial purposes.

The same applies to any other mediasuch cassettes, DVDS, CDs or even written content. Making of copies and or distributing is definitely illegal.

2. Engaging in activities that prevent a third party user from enjoying the services offered by ShowBox.

3. Engaging in harmful malpractices that include, but not limited to; introducing malware viruses and Trojans.

4. Attempt to illegally access the site without following the correct procedures of registration and signing in.

5. Collect and store personal information of other users for the purpose of solicitation

6. Send messages that are deemed defamatory, libelous, abusive, to mention but a few.  Like aforementioned, users have limits that revolve around getting entertained by movies they watch or download; any other improper is likely to attract hefty fines, or even a jail term.

showbox legal or illegal

7. Impersonate a person or entity.

8. Falsifying registration information such as names, dates, place of residence

9. Attempt to use the sites coding for your own benefit.

10. Unauthorized advertising on the site which includes but not limited to promotional material or commercial announcements that target users for goods, services of money for their own gain is strictly prohibited.

11. Violate or encourage the violation of international, state or country laws regarding online streaming or downloading

A government may not have the facilities to stop ShowBox in a country. This is to say that just because it is available does not make it legal.

12. Using other automated or electronic means to access the site which includes the use of robots.

13. UnauthorizedDuplication of the Digital Services on ShowBox which includes, text, graphic design, images

14. Unauthorizedplacement of pop-up windows, ads and dialogue boxes which interfere with the user experience.

15. Unauthorized use of the trademark name.

16. Intentional interference and disruption of other sites linked to ShowBox.

17. Assist any third part in engaging in any of the above prohibited activities.

Participation in any of the above malpractices will lead to some form of legal or financial action.

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Viewers can therefore enjoy ShowBox without fear of breaking the law. Furthermore, your security is guaranteed since your details remain confidential.

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