5 Old Time ShowBox TV Series to Watch and get nostalgic

We all have TV Shows we remember fondly from our childhoods, or when we were in high school and used to skip homework to watch 30 minute episodes of. All those TV Shows now probably come as a DVD pack, restocked every Christmas. But with ShowBox, you needn’t wait for all those DVDs to go on sale. The app will let you watch them for free, and even download the very best on content that you can add to your own digital library at home. Cool right?

If you have ShowBox, MX Player and an Ok internet connection, you’re ready to go of a trip down memory lane. Shall we?

  • Avatar the last Airbender

    We all remember Aang, the bald headed endearing lad from the Air Nomads who found himself the only survivor on his race after the Fire Kingdom destroyed them to take control over all the four domains. The lad who goes on a journey to master the four elements, protected by the teens from the Water Tribe, Katara and Sokka, to claim his place as the Avatar. The series is available on ShowBox in 360p, 480p and higher resolutions as well. Watch the action packed fights and escapes as Aang tries to cheat death to bring liberation to the masses and establish balance with the spirit world.
  • Breaking Bad

    Can you believe Breaking Bad began almost a decade ago? The show eventually went of to become one of the identifying pop culture phenomenons on our generation. No matter if you were in high school or someone with a hectic 9-5 job; you just had to follow what Walt did to keep his drug business going out of sight of his family, as he struggled with Cancer. This show ended in 2013, and so we all remember the classic characters; Walt, Jesse, Skylar, Walter Jr., Hank and the inimitable Saul Goodman, who later of went to have his own show, “Better Call Saul”. This show is thrilling, edgy and has some amazing performances. A treat to watch, especially if it is available for free!
  • The Simpsons

    The Simpsons are unbeatable in terms of consistency in the popularity charts. The show was among the first I distinctly remember watching of TV, thanks to the large chubby and yellow Homer Simpson and the blue haired Marge. The show already has a Season 28 coming soon. Hardly any other show can claim such a consistent demand. In fact, the quintessential American Family has been taken note of even by the Pope! Watch the latest episodes on the Simpsons right from the very beginning. Makes a pretty good weekend binge, no?
  • Friends

    The complicated love equations between Ross and Rachel, Joey’s love for food, women and his tryst with acting, Chandler and Monica’s sweet love story, Phoebe’s quirky attitude to life and their interplaying dynamics sure made for an engaging 10 seasons. Watching these younglings find their feet and then gathering in a coffee house of the same sofa, laughing, sharing and keeping each other sane and sorted was the epitome of togetherness in a city that tore people at the seams. Friends keeps you entertained to the very end, and then you want to watch the entire 10 seasons all over again.
  •  Wilfred

    Wilfred is a story about two blokes; just one happens to be a dog, as one of the show’s creators, Adam Zwar describes the show. I remember watching Wilfred premiere, and I followed it religiously. The story follows Sarah, her dog Wilfred and Adam, Sarah’s boyfriend, who sees Wilfred as a human being in an unconvincing dog costume. The series is a riot, and the characters are exceptionally endearing. But for most of us who have fond memories associated with Wilfred, we’re going to have a lot of fun watching it again for free on ShowBox.
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