10 Showbox Action Movies That Have No Match!

The first quarter of 2017 and movie lovers had several action movies to enjoy, movie makers are going out of their ways to ensure that their fans are entertained, thrilled, educated and stuck to their screens. They are certainly doing all they possibly can to make their fans contented. Many great movies have been produced and an anticipation of abundant movies in the next few months.

Showbox has taken the initiative of bringing you the coolest movies in the industry as selected by its team of experts. In fact ever since Showbox was launched, more people are able to access numerous action packed movies, even download them for later watch, the app is clearly a game changer. You just need to download Showbox APK file and you’re good to go! Below, we have listed the best 10 action movies in 2017, these are a must watch and each promises to bring you unrivaled action. The list consists of latest movies, and others that were released years back, like they say, a good action movie never really goes out of fashion.

1. The Midnight Man

The Midnight Man

This movie is about a killer who for his entire life has never experienced pain. His world turns upside down when he feels pain for the very first time. He realizes that he does not have much time as he has to fight his enemies and come to terms with his new world as well.

2. Return of Cancer Cage

The starring in this movie resolves to emerge from his self-created exile and tries working against time to get back Pandora’s Box; the weapon that controls the entire world’s military satellites. He gets a new workforce and finds himself in a fight that leads to collision with the highest arm of government.

3. Arrowhead

A war convict is offered freedom on condition that he finishes a risky rescue operation. On his way at a desert moon, his ship crashes leaving him confused. While fighting to save his life, he discovers a lethal secret.

4. Ride Along 2

Ride Along 2

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Just like James Payton, Ben Barber wants to become a detective as a well. Together they travel to Miami to investigate on a lead linked to a drug ring. Turns out to be a long case that connects them to a homicide detective, who is also a computer hacker. He provides some evidence that incriminates an esteemed businessman. They have to prove that this tycoon is certainly part of the drug gang.

5. Warcraft

Preparing to run from his world, Shaman Guldan calls upon his dark magic to open a portal to the human realms of Azeroth. Being supported by Blackhand, he gets the Orc community into a conquering army called the Horde. This causes the king and the powerful wizard come together to protect Azeroth from the invaders.

6. Kung Fu Panda

While he works in his family noodle shop, Po dreams of becoming a Kung Fu master. This dream is realized when he is suddenly told to fulfill an antique prophecy and learn the skills with his idols, the Furious Five.In order to protect his people from an evil snow leopard which invades, he has to collect all the ability, wisdom, strength and power.

7. Deadpool


Wade Wilson is the stirring in this movie and his world crumbles down when an evil scientist Ajax torments, mutilates and transforms him into a deadpool. This leaves deadpool with strong healing powers and gives him a good sense of humor. His friends help him get skills to track down the evil scientist who almost killed him.

8. Captain America

In this movie, there is a conflict between Captain America and Iron Man. They were great friends before politics in avengers tore then apart.

9. Suicide Squad

A protective task force is formed out of the super villas the most dangerous incarceration. Formed by an undisclosed government agency and their first duty is to save the world from Apocalypse.

10. Contract to kill

Contract to kill

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In this movie, the government engages a team of experts who must stop Islamic fanatic from attacking America. This movie is thrilling and the action in it will get your heart throbbing with anticipation and adrenaline.

With this list of thrilling action movies, take the best position, grab a snack and enjoy the various films from our collection. Be entertained, learn and enjoy.

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