10 Best TV Shows on ShowBox 2017

Nowadays there are numerous TV shows that you can watch. However, not every TV show is interesting depending on your taste. So, sometimes you might find it hard to gain outstanding entertainment from your TV. This might be the case if you are not using the channel. Well, if your TV is not giving you what you want in terms of entertainment, just don’t go too far and sell it. There is a solution.

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Best TV Shows on Showbox in 2017.

With regard to TV show entertainment Showbox is at the top of the pack in the 21st century. The company is dedicated to ensuring that you are fully entertained with the latest and the best releases. Now, here are the best 2017 TV shows on Showbox to keep you entertained.

1. Taboo


The TV show features Tom Hardy acting as James Delaney. He portrays a survivor from a shipwreck determined at thwarting people planning on stealing his inheritance. The actor’s performance, which is persistently intense, makes the show very interesting. The TV show interweaves 1882 war, incest, and maritime trade into an outstanding story.

2. Fargo

The TV show is now into season 3. The first two seasons have been wonderful and even the third season is supper. With MacGregor acting two different roles, the show is fun definitely wonderful.

3. Fued: Bette and Joan

This TV series is an 8 episode series covering challenges faced by established actresses as they try to reinvent themselves to make sure that they are capable of competing with the younger actresses. The series is an interesting story between aging Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

4. The Americans


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It’s an interesting drama involving Russian spies. The show is now in season six. Season five was interesting and the story just continues from the last part that involved a lot of digging.

5. Big Little Lies

This is an interesting drama starring Shailene Woodley, Reese Witherspoon, and Nicole Kidman. The TV show is derived from a novel that did great in 2014. It’s a miniseries full of mystery.

6. The Missing

The show continues from the first season which is truly addictive. The show is co-produced by Starz and BBC. It involves tracking of a case that is highly convoluted as well as threatening. The show is very interesting due to the fact that, as the retired detective from France tries to find the answer to a case involving a missing person, there emerges a new scenario involving abduction of an 11-year old in Germany from a British military base.

7. Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley

The TV show involves guys from pied piper. The season presents you with techy shenanigans. If you are tech enthusiasts, this is the show for you.

8. Better Call Saul

This is a wonderful show that centers on a different character in every season. In season one the story centered on Tuco, in season two Salamanca featured heavily now in its third season we meet Gus Fring.

9. The Leftovers

This is a lovely TV show that will keep you glued to your screen. It involves so many mysteries requiring a lot of answers. It is almost over but you can’t afford to miss it.

10. Billions


The show is centered on one major question: who is the hunted and who the hunter is. The Southern District (New York) U.S. Attorney (Paul Giamatti) and Cocky fund spiritual leader (Damian Lewis) try hard to find the answer to the question week in week out.

Winding up

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